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    Iriawan Inaugurates Five Functional Officials of the Main Experts of West Java Regional Government


    BANDUNG-Penjabat (Acting) West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan inaugurated five Main Expert Functional Officials in the West Java Provincial Government. Two officials as the Main Expert Widyaiswara and three people as the Main Expert Teacher.

    This inauguration is based on the Presidential Decree No. 27 / M39-M of 2018 concerning the Appointment of the Main Expert Functional Position. Two Functional Officials as the Main Expert Widyais, namely Dadang Suharto and Yayat Supriyatna. While three National Officials were the Main Expert Teachers, namely Bakhruroji, Ely Hayati Endang, and Suroso.

    Iriawan in his mandate requested that these functional officials continue to improve their professionalism, as well as their duties, principles and functions optimally.

    "I advise the brothers and sisters inaugurated to undergo Main Functional Officials to continue to improve their professionalism and perform their basic functions optimally with the mandate charged to brothers / sisters as Main Lecturers and Expert Teachers," Iriawan requested in his message.

    According to Iriawan, a Widyaiswara is expected to be a person who always voices goodness and truth. Can teach noble values ??and noble character to ASN and the community.

    "Widyaiswara has the duty to educate and then teach and train or Dikjarti PNS, as well as evaluation activities and development of Diklat at the Government Training and Education Institute. "Widyaiswara means as a figure of a school teacher or college lecturer," said Iriawan.

    While the Main Expert Teacher is the highest level in the functional position of the teacher. A Principal Expert Teacher is required not only to be able to teach and educate, but must be able to become agents of change in human resource development to ASN as teachers and students in their environment.

    "As a profession based on knowledge, the Main Lecturers and Expert Teachers are required to always update with the insights, knowledge, and skills that are developing in the world," he concluded.

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