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    Iriawan Appreciates Achievement Performance of West Java Regional Revenue Agency


    BANDUNG-In the past nine years, the achievement of regional revenues from the Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda) has continued to increase. West Java's income from the tax sector even exceeds the target or above 100%.

    Acting West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan appreciated this performance improvement. According to Iriawan, Bapenda has a strategic function as a source of income to run the wheels of regional development, especially through the regional tax sector.

    "I give appreciation for the ever-increasing performance over the past nine years," said Iriawan in his direction to all Heads of Regional Revenue Service Centers (P3D) in West Java at the Bapenda Jabar Office, Jl. Soekarno-Hatta City of Bandung, Thursday (23/8/18).

    Iriawan further said that Bapenda had two main tasks, namely service and exploring regional income from the tax sector. Because the largest contribution of Regional Original Revenue (PAD) comes from tax revenues collected by Bapenda.

    For this reason, Iriawan requested that Bapenda continue to make excellent and healthy services to ensure that the regional treasury is always filled. "Bapenda's performance must remain healthy and excellent. Because of what? To ensure that the regional cash is filled. If it is not maximal, the development will not be achieved according to the target," he said.

    Bapenda is also required to continue to innovate. Iriawan also reminded of the challenges faced by Bapenda in the future, such as increasing access to internet-based smartphone technology. In addition, Bapenda is expected to be able to provide changes quickly, and is free from officer irregularities.

    "Bapenda also needs to collaborate with start-up industry players such as Gojek, Tokopedia, and others PPOB or Payment Point Online Banking on the minimarket network. Because this type of service will bring Bapenda West Java services closer to the public," he said.

    On this occasion, Iriawan also provided several evaluation points. First, vehicle tax arrears of around 30% demand collaboration with law enforcement officials, such as a joint operating pattern with the Samsat Development Team to the Polsek which has proven to be psychologically effective for owners / users of motorized vehicles.

    Secondly, it is necessary to establish an integrated transaction system based on banking in the intensification of regional income sources that allow it to be shared by provinces and districts / cities. Third, the Head of P3D in West Java as the front guard of West Java Bapenda can oversee all achievement targets. And fourth, with increasing achievements, West Java can continue to develop and achieve development targets for the welfare of the community.

    General of IT

    Meanwhile, the Head of Bapenda Jabar, Dadang Suharto, who was retired today, Thursday (8/23/18), said that Bapenda Jabar was targeting a revenue of Rp. 31,981 Trillion this year. With an additional target of IDR 830 billion, up to now the target has been above 72% more.

    Bapenda Jabar has 34 Regional Revenue Service Centers spread across districts / cities. The number of employees reached 854 people spread in the center and Samsat with a number of structural officials (Echelon II, III, and IV officials) of 160 officials.

    To provide the best service to the community, Bapenda Jabar has also developed various services, either manual or online. For example, online samsat service or e-Samsat which was also initiated by Iriawan when he served as West Java Regional Police Chief in 2014.

    "So, one of the generals who has the idea of ??technological innovation is he (Iriawan). So we call him General IT," said Dadang.

    E-Samsat continues to develop with various other innovations, such as Sambara and Simpolin, all of which are based on e-Samsat. That way, people are increasingly given the convenience of paying taxes.

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