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    Kang Emil Still Looking for People for Assembly Members


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor elected, Ridwan Kamil is still looking for people to enter the Assembly's consideration council. He claimed to have asked the former Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan and Acting (Acting) Governor of West Java, Mochammad Iriawan.

    The Assembly will later function to accommodate various ideas including input from a credible figure to Ridwan Kamil for the progress of West Java.

    "Pak Iwan (Mochammad Iriawan's call) realizes that West Java must be monitored. Hopefully Pak Iwan is pleased (to be a member of the Governor's Advisory Council)," he said when met at Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung City, Monday (08/20/2018) .

    "I have offered to Mr. Aher (Ahmad Heryawan) he was interested, the content is that there is indeed a former governor," he continued.

    Mochammad Iriawan's name was included in the criteria, Ridwan Kamil said that he was inseparable from his experience in serving as Acting Governor. The man who was intimately called Emil said Iriawan's performance was very good.

    "In yesterday's election there was no broken glass and blood was spilled. He (Iriawan) made effective the administration of the government, he safaried to many areas, visited the people of West Java. It was nine points of agility," Emil said.

    According to him, that is a way to embrace all who love Jabar. Kang Emil claimed to be chosen 32 percent (citizens), meaning that there were 68 percent in the group that did not support him in the last Pilkada. Surely very good if all join in this group.

    As reported previously, the plan to form this assembly received a positive response from various parties. Including from its competitors in the West Java Pilgub then invited to become members. (Even)

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