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    Optimization & Synchronization Program, Iriawan Conducted Leader Meeting With Elected Governor


    BANDUNG-Acting (Pj) West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan held a leadership meeting with the Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java Elected as the result of the election of the Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java in 2018, Ridwan Kamil and Uu Ruzhanul Ulum.

    Iriawan said that the report was deliberately held to optimize and synchronize the program of the Governor and Vice Chancellor with the West Java Provincial Government program that had been running.

    "The data that we (the Regional Government of West Java Province) will have later will be given to him (the Governor / Vice Chancellor of the Election), so that later it will run. After the inauguration, he will stay on the road. No more collecting data, groping again. and West Java that we love, "Iriawan said after the meeting at Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung City, Monday (8/20/18).

    The data will be given to the Optimization and Synchronization Team (TOS) formed by Emil, Ridwan Kami's nickname. This data is related to all things about West Java, such as the development and population data needed by the TOS.

    "What is certain (data) is needed and will be synchronized with the program rather than the Elected Governor," said Iriawan.

    This includes data on infrastructure development, both included in national and provincial strategic projects. Iriawan asked that Emil and Uu could follow up on the development program that had been running and planned.

    "I have already conveyed the infrastructure development, including the national and provincial strategic projects. I made it plainly. And later God willing, it will be followed up, the project is clear for the welfare of the people of West Java, for West Java Champion," explained Iriawan.

    Elected Governor Ridwan Kamil (Emil) said this optimization and synchronization effort was in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs (Permendagri) Number 22 of 2018. Where the Elected Regional Head of the Regional Election was given a coordination room to synchronize the program.

    "Alhamdulillah, the open hand of him (Acting Governor Iriawan) is extraordinary. All OPDs attend almost 100 percent," Emil said after the report.

    Emil said that he and the TOS only asked the heads of OPD to help provide the data needed by the TOS. "The task is only one, so that the data and communication are smooth, so that the 2019 budget can already start on the budget that we design for the people's welfare that we carry out," Emil added.

    Emil also added that West Java under his leadership with Uu Ruzhanul Ulum would focus on three ways. "The way we are divided into three. A hundred-day program, later I will say if it is final. Three-year program, so there is also a result in the middle. And the end-of-term program," he said.

    To run effectively and efficiently, Emil also wants innovation from each OPD. "Basically, innovation means that we will instruct OPD to give ideas at least once a year, so that if there is OPD 20 there are twenty ideas," he said.

    While the TOS members who were commanded by Erry Riyana Hardjapamekas came from political parties carrying and supporting Emil and Uu in the previous elections. There are also elements of experts, academics, and volunteers. In addition, the people of West Java can also participate in providing input for West Java in the next five years.

    "Including starting this week we will open interaction with the community through digital. The people of West Java who want to contribute to West Java in the next five years, what are you going to do. Please, later on the website, please popularize. Later the website address can be seen on my social media," concluded Emil.

    Emil Gives 9 Value to Iriawan Government

    On this occasion, Emil appreciated the efforts of the West Java Provincial Government under Iriawan's leadership. He appreciated the effectiveness of the West Java regional administration and Iriawan's agility.

    "Earlier (in Rapim) there was an explanation from the Acting Governor, extraordinary. The Ministry of Home Affairs' duties were carried out well, we appreciated. The first was to streamline the administration of the government. He saw safaris to giant projects, which were big. Visiting the people of Java West too, "Emil said.

    "Then conditionally concurrent local elections in West Java, he was very successful. There is no term he spilled blood, broken glass. Very conducive, smoothly thank God," he continued.

    "I think if it is judged above the nine agility," said Emil.

    Emil also admitted that he got advice from Iriawan who was considered as her brother. Iriawan asked Emil and Uu to embrace all elements of society in his government for the next five years. For this reason, Emil and Uu will form a Governor Advisory Board consisting of former Governors and Deputy Gubermur of West Java as well as all Candidates for Governor and Deputy Governor of the 2018 West Java Pilgub participants. "Pak Iwan advised me as his younger brother, to embrace. Consideration of Governor-Pak Iwan, God willing, yes, Mr. Aher (Ahmad Heryawan) also welcomed, "said Emil. In a meeting, several ideas from Iriawan for Emil and Uu also emerged. Among them is Iriawan's idea to build the Pasir Koja-Pasupati toll road as one of the solutions to congestion in Bandung. Including holding a handover ceremony for the position of Governor and Deputy Governor which will be packaged in the form of special events, as well as awards for ASN who are killed in the assignment. "So, not only buried just like that. There are awards more like the TNI / Polri," explained Emil. "There are so many ideas over two months (Acting Governor). I am on behalf of the elected Governor and Deputy Governor. here is our call, God willing, exceeds the call of duty, "he concluded, Iriawan agreed.

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