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    Enliven the Indonesian Anniversary, Setda Jabar Employees Ulin and Botram


    BANDUNG-Commemoration of the Indonesian Anniversary and Anniversary of West Java Province in Gedung Sate this year is different. Because, celebrating this 73rd Anniversary the Regional Secretariat of West Java held the Kaulinan Urang Lembur Activity Festival (AKUR) at the Regional Secretariat level in West Java Province, in the area of ??Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday to Tuesday (27-28) August 2018.

    egrang, sondah, sorodot gaplok, kelom batok, rorodaan, gatrik, hadang, dagongan, bakiak dan galah. The program involved around 650 employees in the West Java Provincial Government, both from the bureau, security and cleaning services.

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa also wants, in addition to recalling traditional beliefs, employees can teach this folk game to their children and grandchildren at home. According to him, traditional games have their own interactive which is not difficult to find in modern games.

    "It's just me and the employee of Setda Jabar, but what is the most important is this should be transmitted to their children and grandchildren, because our grandchildren now don't know what is rorodaan, gatrik or egrang, which is actually interesting," said Iwa was met after officially opening the event.

    "This is an extraordinary interactive. Creativity that is rarely found in the current era is interactive with children, holding each other, helping each other, and so on," he continued.

    Mentioned about his favorite AKUR branch, Iwa enthusiastically said he really enjoyed playing rorodaan, sorodot gaplok and gatrik. "I play almost all the games (AKUR branch) . But the most memorable is only three, rorodaan, sorodot gaplok, and gatrik," Iwa concluded.

    West Java Provincial Secretariat General Head H. Riadi said, the election of Kaulinan Lembur at this festival was to recall, love and care for the existence of the people of West Java in order not to erode. In addition, the festival is also expected to be a place to increase cohesiveness while rebuilding relationships between employees.

    "This event is expected to align with the growth of modern games, so that traditional craftsmanship is not eroded by millennial times," said Riadi.

    "This festival also aims to increase cohesiveness, togetherness, solidity, resilience, cooperation, coordination and rebuilding friendship among fellow civil servants, non-civil servants, security and cleaning services in the West Java Provincial Secretariat," he continued.

    The 13 teams that compete will compete for 50 attractive prizes. While the overall champion is entitled to get one male Garut sheep. In addition, there are also special certificates for selected participants, namely for participants who are held up to strength but lose (strong but lose), the strongest participant of the team (strong embarrassment because they often fall), the participants are fooled (the funniest), pity participants (the most compassionate), the greatest participant (very active), the hottest participant, the scrambled participant, and the most successful participants who competed on time.

    After the race, all participants gather for botram or have lunch together. Uniquely, lunch is served on banana leaves. Each dish of rice and side dishes on one banana leaf is enjoyed by 5-7 people who sit together.

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