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    Salamun Ciumbuleuit Air Force Hospital Wins Five Star Plenary Accreditation


    BANDUNG - Air Force Hospital (RSAU) dr. M Salamun won plenary or five-star accreditation from the Hospital Accreditation Commission (KARS). Salamun Hospital is the first TNI Hospital to be accredited plenary with the SNARS standard (National Standard for Hospital Accreditation) first edition 2018.

    Awarding a Full Certificate with Certificate Number: KARS-SERT / 11 / VI / 2018 stipulated in Jakarta, August 10, 2018 was given by KARS Executive Secretary Djoti Atmodjo to the TNI Air Air Force Chief of Staff (KSAU) TNI Marshal Yuyu Sutisna.

    Then, the certificate was handed over by KSAU to the Head of RSAU Dr. M Salamun Colonel Kes. dr. Asnominanda, Sp. THT-KL in the event coupled with the Groundbreaking, Renovation, and Development of Third Class (Three-storey) Inpatient Rooms, Cathlab Inauguration, IGD Remodeling, and Child Care Centers (TPA) Salamun at RSAU dr. M. Salamun, Jl. Ciumbuleuit No. 203 RT 06 RW 03 Ciumbuleuit Village, Cidadap District, Bandung City, Friday (24/8/18).

    According to Daily Implementer of West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan, with this plenary accreditation, RSAU Salamun became one of the referral hospitals in West Java. Especially every day Salamun Hospital receives patients not only from Bandung area but also other areas in West Java.

    "The existence of the Salamun Hospital is very useful for the people of West Java, both the people in Bandung Raya and other areas in West Java," said Iriawan in his remarks at the awarding ceremony.

    "This hospital can be useful for the people in military operations other than war. This is the form, "he continued.

    The West Java Provincial Government has provided grant funding for the development of RSAU Salamun. Granting the first phase of the grant in 2017 is around Rp. 5 Billion to make DEDs for Building A and B, as well as to buy medical devices. The second phase grant was given this year amounting to Rp. 18.5 billion to build Building A, which is a Class Three inpatient building (three floors) whose first stone laying was done by Iriawan and KSAU.

    "Hopefully with the realization of this building, it will be more accommodating especially for the people of Bandung and its surroundings to the people of West Java," said Iriawan.

    "Because we see this hospital has received Plenary Accreditation where the standards are appropriate, so there is no need to doubt the community around treatment or hospitalization at this Salamun Doctor Hospital," he continued.

    TNI Air Force Chief of Staff (KSAU) TNI Marshal Yuyu Sutisna in his remarks revealed that this plenary Accreditation certificate must be balanced with improvements in health facilities and services to patients. For that, said Yuyu, RSAU Salamun needs to develop facilities. One of them is the construction of a Third Class inpatient building.

    The cost of the building comes from the West Java Provincial Government grant. "Therefore, on behalf of the Indonesian Air Force's institution, I would like to express my highest gratitude to the West Java Provincial Government," said Yuyu in his remarks.

    "With the increasing capacity of hospitalization at RSAU doctor M Salamun, I hope this hospital can carry out the mandate of health services for the benefit of TNI citizens and the people of West Java," he continued.

    Meanwhile, KARS Executive Secretary Djoti Atmodjo revealed that a hospital accreditation that is carried out is not only in the form of documents. KARS has accreditation standards that surveys are also part of the visitation process.

    "Accreditation is not only a document, I continued to do it for five years. And now it has become our standard in KARS that surveys must also be by scenario, "said Djoti.

    "Even so, what we got at this time (RSAU Salamun) prepared a second accreditation. And the burden is on the current Karumkit (Head of Hospital). And he (Karumkit) has just taken office, how extraordinary the efforts of the newly-held Karumkit and friends (RSAU Salamun), "he added.

    In addition, Djoti also revealed that the accreditation of the third hospital will be carried out by Redosko. Where at the time of visitation, the patient will confirm the service performed by the doctor.

    "And later in the third accreditation, you will use the method we call Redosko. That everyone should be able to do an interview. The doctor will conduct an examination. What is the patient rights that you must understand and I will confirm. Redosko, "ko" is confirmation. "It is true that all patients after being served get an explanation," said Djoti.

    "That is our current shortage that doctors are very stingy to educate patients and their families. And Alhamdulillah, this step has been passed well by the Salamun Hospital," he said.

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