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    Indonesian Consumer Community: There Is No Urgency for BPOM Revision of SKM Advertising Rules


    BANDUNG - The Indonesian Consumer Community asks the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) to be consistent in every policy or rule issued, one of which is related to the rules of processed product advertising.

    BPOM plans to revise the regulation, especially for sweetened condensed milk products (SKM), because there are already many rules detailing the rules regarding SKM. Even two of them have just been published in the last two years.

    The first is the BPOM Regulation Number 21 of 2016 concerning Food Categories, which states that SKM is a subcategory of condensed milk which is a category of milk. Then BPOM Regulation No. 27 of 2017 concerning Processed Food Registration which states that the label of sweetened condensed milk must be written "Notice! Not suitable for babies up to the age of 12 months ".

    "What urgency is there to be revised, there must be urgency. If the rules are better for consumers, it is not a problem, but if the contrary it can make the customers confused, "said Chairman of the Indonesian Consumer Community David Tobing on Thursday (08/23/2018).

    Moreover, a rule before being issued has considered and taken into account many things so that it will be a question if the age has just one or two years and immediatelly changed or revised.

    Therefore, David continued, it should not be necessary to change the rules or change a clause, unless it is detrimental to the community. In fact, he saw that the confusion regarding SKM products lately is very detrimental to society. Because consumers in general is the community has long consumed SKM.

    "There are even consumers who regret themselves for having consumed SKM for a long time. Because he digested the information from the regulator that SKM was not milk, even though SKM was clearly mentioned in the regulation, it was milk, so it was just as misleading, "he said.

    As the Indonesian Consumer Community, it also has conducted research on SKM products. And the result is that the majority of products have followed the BPOM rules, where the product is given a warning not to be consumed by the baby.

    "And the results are not violated by businesses. So do not even make consumers become oscillated. If the rules are still good, that's all that continues to be educated to consumers, "said the man who works as a lawyer from Adams & Co's David Tobing law office.

    As known, BPOM is completing a revision of the regulations on processed product advertisements. The revision includes sweetened condensed milk products. The revision of the regulation will emphasize what should not be displayed in sweetened condensed milk advertisements, one of which is related to the visualization of the function or use of sweetened condensed milk.

    The same thing was revealed by the House of Representatives Commission VI which oversees the field of business competition. Inas Nasrullah Zubir, member of Commission VI requested that the BPOM and the government must be wiser to see polemics regarding this sweetened condensed milk. According to him, changes in rules must be based on studies and data that can be accounted for scientifically.

    He also reminded the BPOM not to be stuck issuing an unfair regulation. "Do not the government adjust the needs of producers, but must adjust what is best for consumers," he said.

    He also saw that the issuance of BPOM's circulation seemed to be forced only because of the high pressure from several parties. Moreover, the highly sensitive and crucial circular letter was issued or signed by a deputy who was approaching retirement. "that is not allowed, we will try later in that," said the Chairman of the Hanura Faction in the DPR. (Pun)

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