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    Implementation of the Merit System Will Improve the Career Pattern of the West Java Provincial Government's ASN


    BANDUNG - The arrangement of the system merit on the career pattern of the state civil apparatus (ASN) in the Government of West Java Province in the future is considered to be better and more accountable. West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said his party is designing the implementation of the merit system within the provincial government as the implementation of Law No. 5 of 2017 concerning the State Civil Apparatus. "The other day, we invited the ASN Committee to discuss the implementation of this system," he said in Bandung, Tuesday (08/22/2018).

    Iwa said, the Merit system was different from the fit and profer test conducted to find the right figure to fill the position. While merit is more widely used for the appointment of officials in the service structure. Later in certain fields, there is continuity if the appointed officials are still within the structure of the service.

    According to him from the KASN evaluation, West Java Provincial Government has now entered level 3 for the application of career patterns. This level allows the Provincial Government to appoint competent ASN, according to criteria and rules. "Level 3 is a career pattern system that is implemented where initially open bidding to get decent officials, now can be full from the internal West Java Provincial Government itself," he explained.

    But this pattern according to him requires the Provincial Government to have Human Resource that are in accordance with the criteria resulting from strict and tight andtransparent selection. "This can already be done in the West Java Provincial Government in terms of regulation and human resources are many and complete so they can be developed," he said.

    The implementation of this system is considered to be more beneficial than open selection because the provincial government can quickly place ASN to fill certain positions.

    On the other hand, the application of open selection requires quite expensive costs. "The selection of this system can be objective. Because the elected officials from the beginning had a career in West Java. This system also encouraged an increase in the performance and competitive power of ASN," he explained.

    Iwa believes that the career pattern system in West Java Provincial Government will be better in the future considering that currently a series of legal protection from the governor's regulation on the ASN performance appraisal team then Pergub on Career Patterns already exists. "The point is to improve service to the community," he concluded. (Pun) 

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