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    2,134 West Java Civil Servants (ASN) Carried Out Sacrifice This Year


    BANDUNG - A total of 2,134 State Civil Servants (ASN) in the West Java Provincial Government carried out the sacrifice this year. This number does not include supervisors and teachers.

    The slaughter of sacrificial animals was carried out through the National Zakat Agency (Baznas) of West Java Province and their respective OPDs. However, there are also ASNs who carry out sacrifices at their personal residence or their hometown. The number of sacrificial animals recorded was 374 cows and 1,018 sheep.

    Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa assessed that the distribution of sacrificial animals originating from ASN in West Java was relatively even and increased compared to the previous year. Moreover, the distribution is carried out in the South West Java region.

    "This year's sacrifice was relatively evenly distributed but also increased. So in the Pameungpeuk region, Ciamis, especially in South West Java, so that the benefits of God willing will be a lot because those who enjoy far more," said Iwa after the handover of sacrificial animals at the Great Mosque of Bandung, West Java Province, Jl. Asia-Africa Bandung City, Wednesday (22/8/18).

    After performing Eid prayer at Gasibu Square in Bandung City, Iwa went straight to the Great Mosque of Bandung, West Java Province. Here Iwa handed over sacrificial animals on behalf of Indonesian President Joko Widodo in the form of 841 kg limousin cattle to the Deputy Chairperson of the Bandung Grand Mosque DKM West Java Province, Deddy Rokhaedie. In addition, The Head of the Social Services and Development Bureau, who is also the Head of the West Java Provincial Secretariat of Public Relations and Protocol, Sonny Samsu Adisudarma also handed over sacrificial animals on behalf of the Daily Implementer of West Java Governor.

    Meanwhile, during the Eid al-Adha prayer 1439 Hijriah / 2018 the West Java Province Level which was held in Gasibu Square, Bandung City, Wednesday (08/22/2018) or 10 Dzulhijjah 1439 H, representing The Daily Implementer of West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan, Secretary of the Iwa congratulated the Iduladha 1439 Hijriah for all West Java people who celebrate.

    "I apologize from The Daily Implementer of West Java Governor because he cannot attend directly among the ladies/gentlemen and the audience. In relation to him (The Daily Implementer of West Java) and his wife must accompany the President of the Republic of Indonesia and the First Lady who carries out Eid al-Adha prayer in Bogor Regency," Iwa said in his remarks before the Eid prayer.

    "For that reason, on behalf of the person and the West Java Provincial Government, I wish you a Happy Eid al-Fitr 1439 Hijriah," he continued.

    Idul Adha, also known as the Great Feast, said Iwa because it coincides with the great and monumental worship for Muslims, namely the pilgrimage and sacrifice.

    "For that, on this happy occasion. I invite the audience to meditate on all pilgrims especially those from West Java so that they are always given fluency in the implementation of all the worship services in the Makkah by achieving the title of Hajj Mabrur and Mabrurah, "Iwa hoped.

    On this occasion, Iwa also called for the slaughter and distribution of sacrificial animals to be carried out in an orderly and smooth manner.

    "The validity aspect in sharia is actually able to be refined while still upholding the aspects of cleanliness and health, so that both those who sacrifice and those who receive both receive inner and inner peace," he added.

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