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    Red and White Cellular Operators are Ready to Support the Industrial Age 4.0


    BANDUNG-National operator, Telkomsel strengthens its commitment by presenting a revolutionary 5G technology experience in the 'Telkomsel 5G Experience Center' as a form of support for the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap or making Indonesia 4.0.

    Telkomsel President Director Ririek Adriansyah said, by presenting the first 5G technology experience for the people of Indonesia during the 2018 Asian Games, Telkomsel was ready to lead the Indonesian nation towards the future. Built on the foundation of previous technology, this fifth generation cellular technology will present a variety of new opportunities for life.

    According to him, Telkomsel will continue to strive non-stop to develop Indonesia by investing in 5G technology to improve national productivity and efficiency in line with the government's efforts towards Indonesia 4.0 through 5G technology.

    "Telkomsel will present various industrial revolutions that will strengthen Indonesia in various fields," Ririek said in his official statement in Bandung, Friday (08/17/2018).

    Meanwhile, the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia Airlangga Hartarto appreciated Telkomsel's efforts in presenting the Telkomsel 5G Experience Center for the people of Indonesia. 5G technology is the infrastructure needed for Industry 4.0 to work.

    "We appreciate the Ministry of Communication and Information, Telkom and Telkomsel for the initiative to present the 5G experience through this Experience Center," he said.

    The Telkomsel 5G Experience Center will be opened to the public during the grand sport of the 2018 Asian Games, from August 18 to September 2, 2018. The Telkomsel 5G Experience Center contains several application uses such as Live Streaming, Cycling Everywhere, Football 2022, Beat the Robot, Future Driving and Autonomous Electric Vehicle that can be felt directly by the community.

    "We invite the community, especially those who will later watch the 2018 Asian Games event in Jakarta to be able to enjoy the 5G technology experience in the Telkomsel 5G Experience Center. Let us win today, for the advancement of the Indonesian people! "He concluded. Jo

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