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    The Useful of 17 August style "The Amazing Race at Gedung Sate Museum"


    BANDUNG-There are many ways to commemorate Indonesian Independence Day. Many styles also express gratitude and joy in the 73rd year of Indonesian independence. Whatever it is, make sure to add to our sense of belonging and insight into the life of the state. This is the rationale of the Gedung Sate Museum in holding "The Amazing Race at Gedung Sate Museum" by involving elementary school age children to compete in the Gedung Sate area, right on the anniversary of Indonesia's independence.

    The Head of the West Java Regional Secretariat Publication Division, Azis Zulficar, said that with this competition, the party wants the young generation to gain knowledge in a way that is fun about history. A total of 80 participants participated in this first new event.

    "Gedung Sate is a part of the history of this republic, so it feels right that we have information about Gedung Sate in a different way, namely by competition," he said at Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (17/8/18).

    Furthermore Azis explained that there were two age segments and several games that could be followed. For 5-10 years, you can take part in the People's Kaulinan, such as the Crackers Feeding Competition, Sack Race, Marbles Racing Competition, Mine Drag and Balloon Break.

    "For ages 8-15 years, there is a more complex game called Treasure Hunt. This game is done in groups, by collecting 17 cards with Gedung Sate with colors that have been determined around the Gedung Sate area, "he explained.

    "For the game 'Getting to know Gedung Sate', divided into several groups, each group must answer questions about the History of the Gedung Sate and the Indonesian Independence Commemoration at 5 posts scattered around the Gedung Sate yard," he explained.

    Participants who participated, according to Azis, came from the general public, families of civil servants in the Gedung Sate environment and invited to several schools and communities.

    One of the participants, Dita (35), said that she and her children participated in this competition without the target of winning, the important thing was the value of the struggle they took. "Exclaimed, children are happy. In essence, we teach that if you want to achieve something, you have to go through the struggle first, "he said.

    Azka, the participant who is also a 4th grade student at SD Moh. Toha, also felt happy because he had the opportunity to participate in the 17an competition at Gedung Sate. "If you are at home or at school, it's normal," he said.

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