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    BNPB has to adjust the Budgets With the Disaster


    BANDUNG-The member of Indonesian parliament in the Commission field of Disaster Fikri Faqih in his statement received by jabarprov.go.id in Wednesday (2/3) stated that BNPB (Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management) has to adjust their use of budget that is suitable with the cycle of disaster that happens in Indonesia.

    That problem is based on the consideration of the condition of disaster cycle that is not in the period of the end of the year. The period has changed to be the first period in the beginning of the year, especially in the first trimester (January until March). 
     “It can be seen that in 2015 the realisation of the budget in the beginning of the year was below the ten per cent. Meanwhile, the cycle of disaster happens at this time. The solution has to be found by coordinating with the Ministry of Finance.”
    Therefore, Fikri thought that the use of BNPB’s budget should not follow other ministries and institutions (K/L) which have been optimised in the end of the year. “Until August, the BNPB’s budget was still in the number of 20% and it experienced a high increase in the November and December.”   
    In 2016, it is hoped that BNPB can improve their performance whether in the field or in the institutional sector. In the institutional sector, BNPB should reduce the risk of the disaster because they already know the cycle.
    In the other sector, BNPB should cooperate with the other ministries such as the Ministry of Public Works, ministry of Forestry and the Living Environment and with the regional government. So, it can solve the problem in all sectors.

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