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    RI Anniversary 73, Pindad Released Medium Tank


    BANDUNG - Commemorating the 73rd Indonesian Anniversary, PT Pindad (Persero) gave the best gift to the country by carrying out the welcoming Medium Tank by the nation's children who have gone through a series of certification tests with Ditlitbangad.

    PT Pindad President Director Abraham Mose said, previously the medium tank type combat vehicles had gone through a mine explosive endurance test with satisfactory results on 12 and 14 July 2018, this time the Medium Tank carried out mobility tests on 7-16 August 2018.

    "The tank test activity is very long, starting from the explosive test which starts with playing a blast test and then testing the cruising ability with a route of 1,564 km. Everything runs smoothly, we see the results of the tank can return safely," he told reporters at the PT Pindad office page Bandung, Thursday (08/16/2018).

    Abraham Mose said that the medium of the tank was a long program in building technology mastery towards the independence of domestic defense equipment. Medium Tanks are included in the seven strategic development of the government to increase the ability of BUMNIS to compete with the foreign defense industry. Through this joint development program for Medium Tanks, Pindad has gained knowledge, experience and international standard references regarding the development of tanks.

    Abraham Mose said, previously Pindad had completed the process of developing Medium Tanks ranging from the design process to the prototyping built in Indonesia by the nation's children. The presence of Medium Tanks is proof of the ability of the domestic defense industry to produce innovative high-tech products to support the independence of defense equipment to maintain the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.

    "This medium tank was first produced by Pindad. What is needed in the development of this tank is the speed and accuracy of shooting," he added.

    Tests carried out were dimension and equipment tests, track band tests including: 30% tilt road crossing test, 0.6 m upright obstacle test, parallel beam obstacle test, embankment obstacle test, 45 and 60% grade crossing test, and hand brake test climbs of 45 and 60%, as well as mobility tests, including: odo meter test, safe speed test, maximum speed test, 60 climb test and 1.6 km distance and 30-45% climb test with a distance of 4 km in Sarangan, test fast low speed of 5 km / h with a distance of 10 km, sand crossing test unraveled, greedy sandy hill crossing test and test of combat lights in Ambal, Kebumen and test of vehicle durability 3x24 hours and off road test in Subang.

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