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    For the First Time, Daily Implementer Governor Leads Ceremony August 17


    BANDUNG-For the first time Daily Implementer (Pj). West Java Governor M. Iriawan became Irup Ceremony Inspector at the commemoration ceremony of the 73rd Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia on the Gasibu Square in Bandung, Friday (08/17/2018). Iriawan, who will soon end his tenure as Daily Implementer Governor of West Java is grateful to have the opportunity to be the 17th commemorative ceremony inspector.

    "Alhamdulillah I have the opportunity to lead the ceremony on August 17, 1 month before my assignment is complete," he said after the ceremony at Gasibu.

    Touching on the course of the ceremony, Iriawan appreciated that the whole program was going well, especially in the West Java Paskibraka team.

    "It was running smoothly, successfully, and solemnly, as I wanted yesterday when the inaugural event was held in Gedung Sate, so that our younger brother (Paskibraka) had the pride of raising the duplicate flag of the West Java province in front of Gedung Sate ," he explained.

    According to Iriawan, Paskibraka members deserve to be given awards at their respective schools as outstanding students.

    "We see their development in school, we will give it specifically, later it will be discussed with the secretary and head of the youth and sports service," he said.

    After the ceremony continued with the release of antique vehicle marches such as Vespa clubs and ancient cars, then held a friendly event at Gedung Sate with freedom fighters from LVRI and various communities. (Pun)

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