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    The Pamanukan-Patimban Access Road Is Immediately Built


    BANDUNG-The Government has confirmed that the 8.2 kilometers of connecting access road to Patimban from Pamanukan will soon be built. Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa said, from the signing of the agreement between the Director General of Highways with the Japanese Embassy and JICA together with the West Java Provincial Government, which was represented by his party, in Jakarta, Tuesday (08/14/2018). Construction of the connecting access road from Pamanukan to Patimban was completed at the end 2019.

    Construction of the Patimban access road itself will be carried out by Simiju Corporation, PP Housing and PT Cipta Bangun Kontraktor for 8.2 kilometers. Based on this physical agreement, it will be financed from JICA's loan which reaches Rp1.27 trillion. "The fee is included with the supervision package, for 18 months of work," he said.

    the planned is this access road will be connected to Cipali toll road access for 37 kilometers so that the total length of the toll road will be 45.2 kilometers. In order to access it self, Iwa ensures that construction and supervision are carried out, considering the land acquisition has been completed. "The final plan is 2019, but we do it to be faster," he said.

    The 8.2km-long connecting road project will build 5.9 kilometers of roads, 1.6 kilometers of overpasses and 0.96 kilometers of embankments. The road will be built in two directions with a capacity of four lanes. "This road is connected to the national segment of the North Coast of Java," he said.

    Iwa ensures that the West Java Provincial Government will play a maximum role in facilitating the construction of the supporting facilities such as the location and resolution of problems that arise in the field. "Regarding coordination, so Patimban can finish faster than the target," he said.

    According to him, the construction of the Cipali toll road access also needs to be supported together because based on the target of the Patimban Port, it can already be operational in February 2020. Iwa assesses that PT Jasa Marga, which received the concession to build the toll road, can do this in parallel. "So that in line with Patimban's settlement, if the access road for the toll road is ready," he explained.

    Regarding land acquisition in the port area, Iwa Karniwa said that of the total land parcels, most had ownership documents or documents explaining legitimate control, such as certificates, Land certificate, and land purchase certificates.

    According to him in the compensation or compensation process, on the condition of the land that is relatively the same, proof of ownership should also determine the amount of compensation. This is because a proof of ownership is official proof of land rights. "The higher the ownership status, the right to land will be stronger," he said. (Pun)

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