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    Iriawan: Logistic Cost Via Cikarang-Bekasi-Sea Channel Must Be Cheaper


    BEKASI REGENCY- Daily Implementer (Pj) West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan hopes that the point of moving the container from the barge to the truck on the Cikarang - Bekasi - Sea(CBl) canal is in the Cikarang dry port. This is to reduce logistics costs to be cheaper.

    "We want the ideal 25 km again, hopefully the next stage can be realized," Iriawan said after reviewing the location of the CBL canal in Babelan, Bekasi Regency (08/13/2018).

    PT Pelindo II as the leading sector for the construction of the CBL canal along 40 Km planned the container loading and unloading point at Km 19. According to Iriawan, at that point the container transport truck was still far enough to get to the place of the company in the Cikarang, Karawang and surrounding areas . This causes service users to pay more because they return to the land route.

    "This must be calculated correctly so that the cost is not greater or not the same as the cost of using a truck to the highway, if the cost is the same they will choose to use the truck," he said.

    However, if it is not possible from a technical standpoint, loading and unloading at km 19 is already good enough because it can accommodate hundreds of containers that will be distributed to 1600 industries in the Cikarang and surrounding areas.

    "Even up to km 19 is enough indeed, it can accommodate hundreds of containers. The point is that through the CBL channel it must be cheaper to be chosen by service providers," said Iriawan.

    The CBL channel this year is planned to begin construction. The channel, which is one of the National Strategic Projects, was built to reduce costs and reduce congestion caused by container transport trucks. Through the CBL Canal, the container will be transported by barge to Cikarang from Tanjung Priuk port. The construction of the CBL Canal which will cost Rp. 3.6 Trillion is expected to be able to accommodate container flows of up to 3 million TEUs every year.

    "In principle, we will make maximum efforts in accordance with regional authority so that it can be completed quickly," said Iriawan.

    Pelindo II President Director Elvyn G Masassya said, his party was open to accepting proposals from any party related to the construction of the CBL Canal. According to him, Km 19 was chosen because it was a channel boundary whose water debit was still deep. Even though in the dry season at this point the water never subsides.

    "We are open to discuss whether at 19 km or more but from our internal while this is the most suitable km 19," Elvyn said.

    The CBl channel must have a depth of 55 meters with a channel width of 70 meters. Whereas after crossing 19 km the depth of the water reaches only a dozen meters and it is necessary to dredge again.

    Elvyn ensures that the costs incurred by service users will remain cheap. "I think that even at km 19 and not to the end but the logistic cost is still cheaper and we will be in such a way that the cost through the channel is cheaper than over land," he explained.

    Regarding spatial planning, currently the ATR / BPN Ministry has issued a decision recommending the construction of the CBL Canal. "Regarding today's regulation there will be a decision from the ATR meeting which recommends this project," Elvyn concluded.

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