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    Pindad Gives Anoa Panzer Monument to Banyumas Regency Government


    BANDUNG-Commemorating the 73rd RI Anniversary, PT Pindad (Persero) handed over an Anoa 2 combat vehicle type APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) monument to the Banyumas Regency Government in Banyumas Square on August 17, 2018.

    Anoa Panzer Monument was handed over by VP Asset Management & Management PT Pindad Muchsin Anwar, representing the Pindad Board of Directors and inaugurated by the Regional Secretary of Banyumas Regency represented by the local Camat, Ahmad Suryanto, Danramil, Sector Police Chief (Kapolsek) and the Banyumas people. This Anoa Monument which will become the new icon of Banyumas is the gift of the TNI Commander, Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto for his ancestral land through Pindad at the moment of Indonesia's independence.

    The Panzer Monument is displayed permanently in Banyumas Square, completing the previous monuments that were already on display, namely the MIG 17 Fresco grant from the Indonesian Air Force.

    "With the Anoa combat vehicle monument by the nation's children, hopefully, it will become a symbol of pride and foster a sense of nationality for the people of Bamyumas and its surroundings," Muchsin said in his official statement in Bandung on Saturday (08/18/2018).

    According to him, the presence of the Anoa Monument is expected to attract the public to travel to Banyumas Square and to educate the surrounding community regarding the Alusista owned by the TNI.

    "This monument is also expected to improve the economy of the surrounding residents and street vendors (PKL) around the square," he explained.

    Anoa made by the domestic defence industry is a combat vehicle by the nation's children and becomes the pride of the Indonesian people. This APC type Anoa is capable of carrying up to 10 personnel, weighs 12.5 tons with a power of 320 HP and a maximum speed of 100 km/hour. This Ranpur is also equipped with Remote Controlled Weapon System (RCWS) and can be fitted with weapons with 12.7 mm calibre and 7.62 mm calibre machine guns.

    "In addition, Anoa can also be equipped with grenade launchers and Thermal Driver Vision to increase alertness at night operations," he said.

    Besides being used for TNI missions in the country, Ranpur Anoa with a total of 75 units has also been used to support the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), the United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA).

    "Anoa has proven i
    ts quality and resilience to operate in various fields of different countries," he concluded. (Pun)

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