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    Iriawan Leads the Great Ceremony of the 73rd Anniversary of West Java Province


    BANDUNG-Today, Sunday (08/19/2018), Province West Java is 73 years old. Gasibu Field Bandung is the location for the great ceremony to be held on the anniversary which is led directly by The Daily Implementer of West Java Governor Mochamad Iriawan and also attended by State Civil Apparatus (ASN) Provincial Government of West Java, Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (FKPD) and representatives from the City District.

    In the momentum of the anniversary, Iriawan said thanks to all levels of government and the people who have worked for hand in hand to realize the aspirations of West Java are a prosperous and leading province in Indonesia.

    "Thank you for your whole service and cooperation "The community that is a very valuable contribution to the development and progress of West Java to date," said Iriawan.

    From independence until now the contribution of West Java against Indonesia is very strategic. Not only because of that, West Java as one of the first eight provinces which were formed two days after the proclamation of independence, but West Java was a province leading in building progress and innovation. Not wondering, the province with the largest population, namely nearly 48 million of these people become achievement customers various national and international achievements.

    Iriawan said the commemoration of the 73rd Anniversary of West Java was held in a relief atmosphere, after past the stages of West Java 2018 simultaneous elections which are considered to have a lot of potential vulnerability in various aspects of the organization.

    "Thank God, the more mature political maturity the people of West Java, the seriousness of the election organizers especially the KPU and Bawaslu, the neutrality of ASN and professionalism of the security apparatus, 2018 simultaneous regional elections in West Java are safe, smooth, orderly and democratic, "he said.

    For that on that occasion, Iriawan giving special awards to General Election Commission of West Java, General Election Supervisory Board of West Java, West Java Regional Police Chief, Commander III Siliwangi and the Jakarta Military Commander. In addition, awards were also given to the Tri Partit cooperation institution The best regencies/cities in West Java for their success develop harmonious relations between workers, entrepreneurs and government so as to create a conducive atmosphere and productive industrial activities.

    Also given awards to community leaders who play an active role in the development of West Java, ASN loyalty award and pioneer award West Java community empowerment. One of the winner's awards of the best West Java 2018 Village namely Pekiringan Village in Kesambi Kota District Cirebon, Gandi, admitted that he was grateful to be given appreciation from the Governor.

    "It's great that we were given a tremendous appreciation from the Governor in this West Java Anniversary, we were invited here," said Gandi as the Head of Pekiringan.

    He said, his sub-district was successful best thanks to hard work for the past 2 years where coordination and communication with the community and community institutions is the key to its success.

    "Since 2015 we always have been coordinating and communicating with the community, administrators of social institutions, we build the subdistrict starting from zero until Alhamdulillah, now we can become the first place," he explained.

    "Hopefully West Java will be more advanced, peaceful and successful," hoped Gandi who was a graduate of the 2005 STPDN.

    At the end of the event, Iriawan released the departure assistance to victims of the earthquake disaster in Lombok namely in the form of 2 tons more clothes, blankets, mattresses and towel.

    Birth History of West Java

    After Indonesian independence was proclaimed, Committee Preparation of Indonesian Independence (PPKI) held hearing in the former Raad van Indie building on the 18th August 2018. In the session stipulated by Law the constitution of the Republic of Indonesia (UUD 1945), then Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta were chosen as President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, as well-formed a small committee chaired by Otto Iskandar Dinata who will be in charge of preparing the plan regarding matters that need immediate attention government.

    The next day, August 19, 1945, the government managed to compile 12 Ministries, including the Ministry of Home Affairs led by R.A.A Wiranatakusumah. In the news of the Republic of Indonesia 1945, it was also stated that on 19 August 2019, PPKI succeeded in forming eight provinces headed by a Governor and each province consisted of residencies headed by the Resident. The eight provinces are West Java, Central Java, East Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Maluku and Small Sunda. Mr. R Sutarjo 

    Kartohadikusumo became the first Governor of West Java.

    Thus, West Java Province was born at 19 August 1945, which at that time was still domiciled Jakarta. Then in September 1945 moved to Bandung which became the centre of the provincial administration of West Java. Mr. R Sutarjo Kartohadikusumo was appointed Governor of West Java by President Soekarno through a decision on August 19, 1945. The date was decided to be the day of birth of West Java Province because it fulfilled the aspects of legality, history and symbolic aspects.

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