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    Customs Thwart Sabu Smuggling Worth Rp. 1.7 billion


    BANDUNG - Customs Bandung successfully foiled the smuggling of narcotics in the form of methamphetamine or Sabu weighing 850 grams worth Rp. 1.7 billion through airline via Husein Sastra Negara Airport Bandung, Sunday 5 August 2018.

    Head of the West Java Regional Customs Directorate Regional Office Saifullah Nasution said that illicit goods were smuggled by perpetrators with the initials TNDN (52), residents of Vietnam's country riding Silk Air arriving from Singapore.

    Officers saw the behaviour of the perpetrators with characteristics, brown-skinned women, short black hair, and large stature. 

    Therefore, a body check was carried out by officers and found crystals that could be indicated for methamphetamine or methamphetamine, including insanitary napkins.

    "Officers discovered methamphetamine or Sabu weighing 850 grams from the pointing," he told reporters at the Customs Service and Supervision Office. Associate Type of Customs A Bandung, Wednesday

    Saifullah admitted that his party was included in this cover case because the suspect could not speak in English and Indonesia. Then, the customs handed over evidence and materials to the Drug Investigation Unit of Big City Resort Police (Polrestabes) Bandung to carry out further development.

    "So, communication with those who only use gestures, because the suspect cannot speak in English," he said.

    As a result of the action, the suspect was charged under Article 102 letter e of Law Number 17 of 2006 concerning Customs, and 
    2009 concerning Narcotics.

    "The perpetrator also faces a life sentence, even a mirror is dead," he concluded. (Word games)

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