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    West Java - Malaysia Increases Cooperation in Education


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government and the Malaysian Government immediately increase cooperation in the education field, especially student exchange and knowledge transfer. In addition to increasing the number of student exchanges between the two countries, further cooperation is also to increase the quality and type of study.

    West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa discussed the matter at a meeting with Education Advisor Minister Harris bin Mior Harun Mior Malaysian Embassy in Gedung Sate, Monday (13/8).

    Iwa said that together with Pengarah Education Malaysia Indonesia, it was trying to create a legal umbrella and memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of education so that it was no longer partial.

    "From Malaysia, there is a need for cooperation, it is under the umbrella of local governments, as well as our cooperation with Shizuoka in Japan. Under the MoU, it is focused," Iwa said after the meeting on Monday (13/8/18).

    So far, he said, a number of educational programs were carried out by West Java along with Malaysia, namely student exchanges and facilitation of education for Malaysians in West Java and vice versa.

    "There are about 4,000 Malaysians who attend school in West Java, and there are 11 thousand of our people in Malaysia. This needs an agreement, the nature of the MoU. In it there is a work plan and action," he said.

    The meeting also discussed the issue of assistance from both governments in the field of education, especially for student exchanges. Strived, he said, every ASEAN member country establishes educational cooperation with other Asian countries, before with other countries.

    "Of course this will improve the quality and quantity of cooperation in the field of education. The education is more focused. For example, what is in Malaysia not available and in West Java can be studied by Malaysian students, and vice versa," he said.

    Iwa said that so far a number of high schools and vocational schools in West Java have been actively carrying out educational cooperation, such as exchange students with other countries. For example, the Sumedang Tanjungsari Vocational School which has been cooperating with Japan.

    Not only about the exchange of high school and vocational high school students that are now managed by the West Java Provincial Government, he said, it also handles education cooperation at the college level. For example, bridging Padjadjaran University with Shizuoka University in Japan to establish student exchanges.

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