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    After 21 years, Finally the Heritage Flag was stored in Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG - After 21 years of being kept in the Bandung City Government office, a duplicate of the red and white heritage flag belonging to the West Java Provincial Government was finally stored in Gedung Sate from now on, , precisely in the Gedung Sate Museum.

    Heritage flag was received directly by the Daily Implementer of West Java Governor Mochamad Iriawan from Deputy Mayor of Bandung Oded M Danial and witnessed by the Purna Paskibraka Indonesia (PPI) West Java and Bandung City Paskibraka, in the East Hall of Gedung Sate, Wednesday (08/15/2018).

    "We thank Bandung City Government since 1997 for maintaining duplicate inheritance flags owned by the West Java Provincial Government that are maintained and stored properly at City Hall," Iriawan said after the handover.

    The plan, the heritage flag will be stored in the Gedung Sate Museum so that its history can be seen and known by the public.

    "We will save and guard at the Museum so that people can see and learn," he said.

    Since 1997 the red-and-white flag hoisted in the Gasibu field every Indonesian Independence Day ceremony is a flag belonging to the West Java Provincial Government brought by the Satpol PP from the Bandung City Government and saved back to the Bandung City Government after the flag ceremony is over.

    At the initiative of PPI West Java, which coordinated with the second protocol of government, finally in 2018 the West Java Provincial Government's heritage flag was returned to the place that was supposed to be is in Gedung Sate. So there is no need for escort by Satpol PP to bring the flag from the City Government to the Provincial Government as well as vice versa.

    "So far, in the city of Bandung, after we finished the ceremony, the flag was brought here (Gedung Sate) by the Satpol PP, so from tomorrow we will not deliver and take the Provincial flag again because it is already here," said Deputy Mayor of Bandung Oded M. Danial who accompanied the Daily Implementer of Governor when interviewed.

    History records, the last original heritage flag was raised at the Merdeka Palace in 1968. A year later, the flag hoisted was a duplicate which distributed to all provinces throughout Indonesia and overseas representatives on August 5, 1969. Duplicate inheritance flags were distributed to 300 Cities and Regencies in Indonesia on June 27, 1970.

    Then on the 17th of August 1973, the first time a duplicate flag was hoisted at the level of the capital city of the province of West Java in the Bandung City. The flag hoisted is owned by the City of Bandung. The ceremony was also held at Bandung City Hall because at that time the West Java Governor's office was in Kerta Mukti whose location was adjacent to the City Hall which had a large square and a 17 meter flagpole.

    Furthermore, in 1980 the Indonesian Independence Day ceremony was moved to the Gasibu field or in front of the Gedung Sate which became the office of the Governor of West Java. But a duplicate of the heritage flag used, still belongs to the Bandung City Government. The event lasted until 1996, meaning that for 23 years the  heritage flag hoisted in Gasibu was the flag of Bandung City. Then the following year, at the initiative of the Head of the West Java Provincial Government's Household Section, the heritage flag owned by the West Java Provincial Government was handed over to the PPI to be hoisted. So in that year there were two heirlooms that were flown, namely in the Gasibu and Bandung City Hall.

    But even though the flag hoisted at the Gasibu, still has to be kept back in the Bandung City Government. It was only in 2018 that at the initiative of the PPI and the West Java Protocol and Bandung City duplicates the provincial heritage flags were stored in Gedung Sate.

    "This is the history, then when the 73rd Indonesian Anniversary ceremony in Gasibu, a copy of the flag will be taken from Gedung Sate," Iriawan concluded.

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