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    West Java Provincial Government Again Awarded the Achievement Comunity


    BANDUNG - As a form of recognition and appreciation of the achievements of the community, the Government of West Java Province this year, gave awards to 60 innovators and people who gave exemplary examples in their fields. The awards given regularly each year are also a series of commemoration of the 73rd Indonesian Anniversary of West Java.

    The award was presented directly by the Daily Implementer of West Java Governor Mochamad Iriawan at Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (08/15/2018). Iriawan said, this appreciation is proof that many West Java human resources are qualified and make the breakthroughs in various fields.

    "I am proud to give appreciation to the people of West Java, it turns out there are many qualified human resources," said Iriawan.

    He hopes that the results of his innovation can contribute to the progress of West Java's development. For this reason Iriawan asked them to share their knowledge and experiences with other communities.

    "I ask them to be able to share their knowledge because it turns out that there are so many useful things, like that there were innovations from plastic waste processed into diesel fuel and then decomposed into gasoline and kerosene. This is useful for the advancement of West Java and they are what drives development in West Java," he said.

    Besides that, as a form of support, the West Java Provincial Government will follow up on some innovator's works so that they can be applied throughout West Java.

    "In the future as an appreciation we will also be discussed with Bappeda, especially in the breakthrough," explained Iriawan.

    One of the award recipients, Kustiaman, a resident of Gedebage Bandung, said he was happy. The innovation is appreciated by the West Java Provincial Government and even the plan will be made communally. Kustiaman explained to the Daily Implementer of West Java Governor how he found fuel that could be used for motorbike, tractor and rice grinder machines.

    "So the plastic is the basic material of petroleum, then after it becomes waste, it is difficult to decompose by nature, so I look for a solution to convert it back to its natural state, which is to oil again by means of an oxygen-free distillation process. I also made the machine," said Kustiaman .

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