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    West Java-Central Java Toll Road Will Be Connected with Cisumdawu Toll Road


    BANDUNG - Bandung-Garut-Tasikmalaya-Ciamis-Banjar-Cilacap Toll Road, which is currently in the feasibility study process, is expected to be connected to the Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan (Cisumdawu) Toll Road.

    Daily Implemnter of West Java Governor, Mochamad Iriawan, said the connection between the two toll roads would shorten the distribution distance of goods from Eastern Priangan or southern West Java to the area on the north coast of West Java, and vice versa.

    "So the vegetables that have come from Garut, Pangalengan and others can go directly to Cirebon without having to go to the main market in Jakarta first. If they are usually sent to Jakarta first, then to Cirebon," Iriawan said in Gedung Sate, Wednesday ( 15/8)

    With the connection of the two toll roads, even with Purbaleunyi Toll, logistics distribution can be faster and cheaper, and lead to a slowdown in the inflation rate. This is due to the increasingly cheap transportation costs.

    Iriawan said that the toll road was originally only 72 kilometers long, becoming a link from Bandung to Tasikmalaya. However, the results of further studies will begin with the KM 146 Toll Road Purbaleunyi in Gedebage, towards Majalaya, Garut, Tasikmalaya, Ciamis, Banjar and Cilacap.

    "Finally the toll gate is not in Cileunyi, but later there will be an interchange to Gedebage and Majalaya which are also industrial centers. There are 40 more industries in Majalaya and we want logistics to be smooth and fast," he said.

    Although there is a port in Cilacap, he said, the West Java Provincial Government also wants the establishment of a port in West Java, in addition to Patimban in Subang Regency which is currently under construction. This port in the south of West Java, he said, could be integrated with the Bandung-Cilacap Toll Road.

    "Yesterday it was responded by the center. The vice president at Bandung also welcomed. Later there will also a toll road from Sukabumi to Cianjur and will end in Padalarang, this can be realized in the next 1 or 2 years. If the Bandung Toll to Cilacap, we encourage this year , "he said.

    Iriawan asked the community to always encourage government infrastructure programs. If it is supported, he said, the community will benefit from economic development, even if it is taken in the long term. (Pun)

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