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    Iriawan Confirmed 36 West Java Paskibraka Members


    BANDUNG - Daily Implementer of West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan confirmed 36 people of the West Java Heritage Flage Raiser Troops (Paskibraka) who will be the flag raiser at the 73rd Indonesian Anniversary ceremony on the surface of Gasibu later.

    The inauguration which was held in the Western Hall of Gedung Sate, Wednesday (08/15/2018), was also attended by the West Java Police Chief, Kasdam III Siliwangi, West Java Purna Paskibraka and West Java Kadispora. These 36 people were Paskibraka who passed from 81 candidates from 27 regencies and cities throughout West Java. 36 Paskibraka consists of 17 boys and 19 girls.

    After the inauguration, Iriawan's hope, at the independence ceremony on August 17, 2018, the West Java Paskibraka raised their concentration, solidly and maintained togetherness between them. As soon as the ceremony goes smoothly and solemnly.

    "They must really concentrate on what I previously did to maintain togetherness and cohesiveness," he said.

    Iriawan for the first time will become the Inspector of the 73rd RI Anniversary of West Java.

    "Yes, this is the first time for me, because of that I invite people to let us fill this freedom well," he said.

    In addition there is a special momentum in this event, namely the first for the history of the duplicate of the red and white heritage flag belonging to the West Java Provincial Government will be brought directly from Gedung Sate to Gasibu. Where for the past 21 years is stored in the Bandung City Government office. Every independence ceremony, gasibu from Bandung City Government escorted by Satpol PP was then saved back to the Bandung City Government.

    "Tomorrow is a the momentum that might not be repeated again. The flag will be issued after the city government. This is a rare moment," said Iriawan.

    In addition to inaugurating 36 Paskibraka in West Java, in another place two of the best Paskibraka in West Java were chosen to be the flag raisers at Merdeka Palace. Two Paskibraka from Garut Regency and Bandung City are currently undergoing training camp in Cibubur.

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