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    Shocks 6.2 SR Accompany Handover of West Java Care


    LOMBOK - Earthquake shocks of 6.2 (SR) struck Lombok again. Daily Implementer of West Java Governor Mochamad Iriawan, along with his entourage who were distributing aid directly in the North Lombok Disaster Center Command Post, in front of North Lombok Hospital, felt the shock.

    At that time Daily Implementer Governor Iriawan was accompanied by relevant officials and the President Director of BJB was symbolically giving aid to North Lombok Regent Najmul Akhyar, NTB Regional Police Chief Achmat Juri, and Wira Bhakti District Military Command 162, as well as volunteers at the disaster center.

    This strong shock caused noise due to the shaking of the North Lombok Hospital Hospital building. A number of tiles and windows fell.

    The Governor of West Java, the President Director of the bank, the Head of the NTB Regional Police, the North Lombok Regent, and other officials also shifted to avoid the tall building.

    "We feel the earthquake again, hopefully this is the last," said Iriawan, Thursday (08/08/2018).

    Based on information from the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), the epicenter of the 6.2 magnitude scale was located at 8.36 LS 116.22 BT or 6 km northwest of North Lombok. The center is at a depth of 12 kilometers and has no tsunami potential.

    By looking at the epicenter location, the hypocenter depth, and the source mechanism, the earthquake that occurs is a type of shallow earthquake due to Faulting Activity on Flores (Flores Back Arc Thrust).

    The impact of an earthquake is based on the Shock Level Map (Shakemap BMKG), and the modeling results indicate that an earthquake has no tsunami potential.

    West Java Distributes Rp. 3.6 Billion for NTB

    The next morning, Daily Implementer of West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan handed over a sign of solidarity in the form of a grant of Rp. 2 Billion to the Provincial Government of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

    The aid was received directly by NTB Regional Secretary (Sekda) Rosiady Husaenie Sayuti and his staff, at the Earthquake Natural Disaster Command Post, at Sangkariang Building, NTB Governor's Office, Thursday (08/08/2018) morning.

    Iriawan said, the aid was sourced from the Unexpected Aid Post for the Regional Budget (APBD) of the West Java Provincial Government in 2018.

    "This is proof that we feel the same fate as fellow Indonesians," said Iriawan.

    Iriawan, or familiarly called Iwan, hopes that the "alakadarnya" aid can be useful.

    The aid, continued Iwan, was given in the form of funds to be more flexible. Can be used to buy relief items such as food, clothing, tents, or others. It can also be used for "recovery" after a disaster, so that NTB can quickly rise up, and recover all its activities as usual.

    "We also pray for those who preceded us who were struck by calamity, hopefully accepted and martyred by Allah SWT," he said.

    After visiting the earthquake disaster post at the NTB Governor's Office. The Governor of Iriawan and his entourage included the President Director of the bank bjb Ahmad Irfan, the Head of the West Java BPBD Dicky Saromi, and the Bureau, as well as the relevant DPOs, visiting a number of points in North Lombok Regency which reportedly suffered damage up to 90%.

    Besides the aid distributed to the NTB Provincial Government. The West Java Provincial Government will also directly distribute aid amounting to Rp. 600 million for North Lombok Regency, 162 Korem Wira Bhakti Rp. 500 million, NTB Regional Police Rp. 500 Million, sourced from Bank BJB, and West Java Provincial Civil Servants through West Java Care Account. Until in total, the assistance provided by West Java to NTB is Rp. 3.6 billion.

    Meanwhile, NTB Secretary Rosiady Husaenie Sayuti expressed his infinite gratitude to the people of West Java for the assistance provided.

    "I am sure that whatever is given is beneficial for the affected people of NTB," said Rosiady Regional Secretary.

    Furthermore, Rosiady said that his party would immediately manage and then distribute the aid they received, immediately.

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