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    PKS Faction in House of Representative Supports the No Drugs Movement


    BANDUNG – The chairman of PKS faction in the House of Representatives, Jazuli Juwaini, in a release received by jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (1/3) confirmed that PKS faction in Parliament supported the Movement of No Drugs at Parliament. Therefore, PKS faction in Parliament supported the convening of urine test in the parliament
    "The urine test that was conducted by PKS faction in Parliament indicates that PKS fully supports the No Drugs movement towards the Parliament. We have to implement it from ourselves, from our own faction.
    It was known that this urine test has been performed three times to 40 (forty) members and 24 (twenty four) Expert from PKS faction in Parliament. In 2015, PKS faction has conducted the urine test twice and it will be conducted regularly, at least twice a year. "Alhamdulilah, so far there is no one who got it," said Jazuli.
    Thus, he expects that all factions will seriously fight against the drugs from the basic, which is the Parliament’s members. "If Indonesia is considered as an Emergency Drugs, then we must seriously fight against it. Not only by speaking out loud. “PKS faction in Parliament wants to be a forefront in providing the samples,” said Jazuli.


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