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    Kasad: Village Development Realization of National Policy


    SUBANG-Pangdam III / Siliwangi Maj. Gen. Besar Harto Karyawan, S.H, M.Tr (Han) closed the 102nd TMMD at the Ball Field of Cirangkong Village, Subang Regency.

    In the remarks of the Head of the Army General Mulyono, read by the Commander of Military Region III / Siliwangi, Maj. Gen. Harto Karyawan, S.H, M.Tr (Han), the development of the village area was one of the realization of the Nawacita National Policy which wanted to realize Indonesia's development from the periphery.

    One of the focal points of this national development try to realize the stability and progress of Indonesia as a whole.

    "One that is the real roles of the TNI in supporting development is participating in the 102nd TMMD activities in 2018 which will be held for 30 days from 10 July to 7 August 2018," he said Thursday (08/08/2018).

    In addition to realizing the unity of the TNI and the People, TMMD which is held 3 times a year is also a vehicle to revive the spirit of mutual cooperation, a sense of love for the country, national insight and national resilience in order to maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia to the community and especially the millennial generation.

    The 102nd TMMD Year 2018 carries the theme "Manunggal Building Millennials' Character", it is very appropriate to be faced with the conditions of the younger generation today are increasingly modern

    This TMMD activity involved 50 TMMD Task Force in 50 Regencies / Cities, 57 Sub-Districts and 79 Villages supported by the local Government consisting of Health, Agriculture, BKKBN, Social, Forestry, Public Works, Attorney and Police Offices.

    Activities that have been done with physical objectives regarding road infrastructure in isolated villages, building or rehabilitating uninhabitable houses, hardening and concretizing roads, repairing houses of worship and schools, building bridges, making public toilets, post Kamling and planting trees.

    While non-physical targets to foster immunity in dealing with issues of national disintegration and things that lead to social conflict, besides conducting counseling about law, national insight, religious lectures, the dangers of drugs and about radical understandings, health counseling and programs KB also guidance on how to farm and modern livestock.

    Kasad hopes that the efforts that have been done can be a trigger that encourages the spirit of the community to move forward and develop economically, observantly and alert to the dangers that have a negative impact on the environment and form a coherent and harmonious life amid the development of the modern world.

    At the closing of the 102nd TMMD at Kodim 0605 / Subang, there were also parachuting attractions from helicopters by the Paskhas Air Force Elite Unit which showed cohesiveness in coordinating between the TNI alignment units in the Subang region and its surroundings. (Pun)

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