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    Iriawan Wants the Right Technology Innovation to be Applied by the Community


    BANDUNG BARAT REGENCY - Daily Implementer (Pj) Governor of West Java H. Mochamad Iriawan wants the work of appropriate technological innovations to be applied by people throughout West Java.

    Iriawan exemplifies the innovation of appropriate technology the work of rural communities in Indramayu Regency, namely automatic feeding machines without machines, able to reduce labor costs in aquaculture. This is very simple independent animal feed tool is even the only one in the world.

    "This should be applied by the people of West Java because our fishery potential is very large. The equipment is cheap but the benefits are huge," said Iriawan when opening the Appropriate Technology VIII Level West Java at the Cipeundeuy District Office West Bandung District.

    The independent animal feed equipment is just one of the dozens of the best innovations displayed in the title. But the TTG degree assessment team from LIPI and West Java BP2D decided to become the first winner of TTG innovation. The second winner was achieved by the innovation of water stove from Bandung Regency and the third winner from West Bandung Regency with the innovation of multi-product pematang machine.The Winners get award certificates and stimuli money from Rp. 17 million to Rp. 25 million.

    On that occasion, Iriawan was accompanied by the Head of West Java PMD and the regent, mayors throughout West Java to review the innovation booth one by one. According to him, all TTG innovations that are displayed at national and even international levels need to be encouraged. Even that innovation can be an economic competitiveness and improve welfare.

    "I saw that the innovation was at the national level. I saw that the stand one by one was very proud of the work of the people of West Java and later would provide competitiveness and improve the economy," said Iriawan.

    He also asked each regent, mayor to pay attention and support the innovation and creativity of the community both in terms of financing and access.

    "It must be supported by each regional head how to improve community innovation to national and international levels," he said.

    Appropriate technology is technological innovation that suits the needs of the community, can answer problems, do not damage the environment, can be utilized and maintained by the community easily and produce added value from the economic aspects. Through this TTG title, Iriawan hopes to encourage people to continue to innovate in terms of TTG.

    "This title is to motivate the community, especially in the village to continue working," he hoped.

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