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    RZ Sends Psychosocial Team for Lombok Earthquake Victims


    BANDUNG - Rumah Zakat sends a psychosocial team to victims of the Lombok earthquake on Friday (10/8). It aims to do trauma healing activities, especially for children who are still traumatized by the earthquake.

    The three psychosocial teams are, Elia Muski, Hari Fridul Rahman, and Inar who are one of the Champion Jakarta elementary school teachers. The three teams departed directly from Husein Sastranegara Airport.

    "In addition to needing food assistance, Lombok earthquake victims also need trauma healing assistance. The children there do not want to eat because they are still traumatized by the earthquake that has happened," said Ivan Supangkat, as the Education Division of the Zakat House.

    Ivan added, during the evacuation site, the psychosocial team will do trauma healing to children in the form of releasing anxiety while playing. As for adults, psychological counselling and SEFT therapy will be carried out.

    SEFT Therapy (Spiritual Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a series of methods that are oriented to the body's energy system which aims to release individuals from emotional and physical disorders. (Pun)

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