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    The Provincial Government Decides on the Amount of Compensation for the Affected People of the Double Line KAI


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government is finalizing the amount of compensation for hundreds of family heads who will be released related to the Bogor-Sukabumi railway double track project.

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said the amount of compensation money would later be stated in the West Java Governor's Decree which would be the basis for the Ministry of Transportation to disburse the budget. "The basis for providing compensation is the Governor's Decree which we are finalizing the amount," he said in Bandung, Monday (8/13).

    He noted from a field visit last week, as many as 549 families had agreed to leave PT KAI's land which would become a double track project. The amount of compensation alone is still calculated because it will underlie the results of the calculation of the team from the field. "We still count, if we have become a new legal product, we announce it," he said.

    If this legal basis can be executed two weeks, Iwa ensures that the project from the start of land acquisition to physical can be completed until the end of 2018, especially for the 4.5-kilometer phase I between Cigombong-Cicurug, then along the same 3km location. "This is in segment 1 along 26.8 kilometres where the land needs reach 220,000 square meters," he explained.

    Iwa explained the importance of the construction of this double track railway as a national strategic program. This project, he said, not only realized the direction of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, but also provided transportation facilities for people and goods in the Cicurug area to Cigombong.

    The ease and acceleration of the transportation of goods and people, according to Iwa, can have a significant impact on improving the economy of the Cicurug and Cigombong communities. "(project development) is not only due to the direction of the president but also how we help the public, especially in the transportation of goods and people," Iwa said.

    Agreeing with Iwa, the Head of the Railway Engineering Center in the Western Java Region, Heru Wisnu, revealed that the railway double track project would be needed by the community, so that the development process required cooperation with various relevant parties to maintain order.

    "This is a national strategic program that is needed by the wider community, including those around here. Please help all in order, because this (phase one construction) must be completed this year," he said.

    Overall, the Bogor-Sukabumi railroad double track has a length of 56 KM, with phase one focus on the Cicurug-Cigombong lane along 7.5 KM. Later this path will be one of the transportation solutions for goods and people in Sukabumi and Bogor. (Pun)

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