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    West Java Governor Election, Inspiration for 2019 Presidential Election


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Election which is safe, smooth and peaceful must inspire the 2019 Presidential Election. On June 27 in the last West Java Governor Election, there were no bullets fired, no broken glass, and no steaming smoke, because the process was orderly and without conflict.

    This was stated by Daily Implementer of West Java Governor, Mochamad Iriawan when delivered a speech at the 2019 General Election Socialization event in order to voter data playback on 2019 Presidential Election, commemorate the 73rd anniversary of West Java, and 2017 Asian Games in the Dago car free day Bandung area, Sunday (12/8).

    According to Iriawan, West Java must remain conducive. "Moreover, the people of West Java are known to someah (friendly), so it is expected to help maintain a conducive atmosphere," he said.

    The socialization event was attended by the Chairman of KPU Jabar Yayat Hidayat and other commissioners namely Nina Yuningsih, Ferdhiman Bariguna, and Endun Abdul Haq, as well as the secretary and structural officials of the West Java KPU.

    Socialization activities with mass gymnastics and displaying various traditional arts and witnessed by hundreds of people. In addition, the committee also distributed door prizes for lucky audiences or who could answer electoral questions. (Pun)

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