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    BBPOM is Ready to Provide Laboratory Cars throughout the Asian Games Venue


    BANDUNG-As a participation and responsibility for organizing the XVIII Asian Games in 2018, the Center for Medicine and Food Control (BBPOM) in the City of Bandung will provide mobile laboratory car services.

    Mobile laboratory cars equipped with fast sample testing facilities will also check the feasibility of food and medicine at all Asian Games venues in West Java.

    Daily Implementer of West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan expressed his appreciation and requested that BBPOM will always ready to supervise food and medicines used in all venues of the five Asian Games that are competed in West Java, especially for athletes, officials, and all parties involved.

    "I ask for supervision of food items for athletes, officials, and other related parties. I entrusted, there are five Asian Games sports (in West Java), please at all venues, there must be BBPOM administrators (standby)," he said at the event Communication, Information and Education (KIE) Program of the Bandung Central POM in order to Enliven the Republic of Indonesia's Independence Commemoration and Support the 2018 Asean Games in 2018, at the Dago Car Free Day Area, Bandung, Sunday (08/12/2018).

    On the same occasion, a Joint Commitment to Achieving Safe Medicines and Food for National Achievement was also signed by the Head of BBPOM in Bandung, Daily Implementer of West Java Governor, Regional Secretary of West Java, Head of West Java Health Office, and Chairperson of PKK West Java.

    Head of BBPOM in Bandung City I Gusti Bagus Kusuma Dewa revealed, in addition to socializing safe medicines and food, BPOM will also participate directly in the prestigious 2018 Asian Games event.

    "The mobile laboratory car equipped with a fast sample test will be conducted during the Asian Games to all venues, stadiums and hotels in West Java," he explained.

    "This is the way we are responsible for organizing the Asian Games," he said.

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