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    The Lively 2018 Asian Games Torch Attendant in Garut with PLN


    GARUT-PLN Distribution of West Java as a partner providing electricity supply for the 2018 Asian Games activities in West Java also participated in supporting the 2018 Asian Games torch parade in Garut on Sunday (12/8).

    "This Asian Games is the Largest Sports Competition in Asia. Therefore, it is an honor for us to be able to socialize and be a part of the success of this event," said PLN General Manger Distribution of West Java Iwan Purwana.

    The Torch carnival with PLN in Garut is the activation of 2018 Asian Games Torch Relay which previously was from Yogyakarta, Sorong, Malang, Bandung City, another cities and will end at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta. In the activities of the Torch carnival in Garut, PLN West Java Distribution involves local silat bamboo athletes, electric motorbike riders, and PLN Garut Area employees. In addition, the event which was attended by around 1000 people was also supported by the City Government, Muspida, sports and arts community, as well as santri / students, students and other community elements. For the torch relay at PLN itself located at the PLN Garut Area Office Jalan Otto Iskandardinata No.140 A with the torch bearer General Menager PLN Distribution West Java, Iwan Purwana.

    During the event, the people of Garut seemed enthusiastic and were actively involved in all events. The series of events were carried out, such as the traditional catwalk arts "Domba Garut", Traditional and Colossal Dance, band acoustics, and people's entertainment.

    In addition to support in this torch rally, PLN West Java Distribution has also prepared infrastructure and officers to maintain the reliability of electricity supply in the arena. Plan at least 395 PLN officers who are on standby 24 hours from 8 August 2018-2 September 2018 during the Asian Games. Various infrastructure facilities such as procurement of UPS at the Stadium venue with a total capacity of 1880 kVA, installation of UGB for each venue of 11 UGB, procurement & installation of generators with a total capacity of 1140 kVA, JTR withdrawals, and others were also prepared to improve the reliability of the electricity supply system.

    "The spirit of Energy of Asia which was fueled when the torch parade increased our enthusiasm to illuminate the country and provide energy optimism in building Indonesia which is realized by the readiness of PLN officers and our electricity supply for all customers," said Iwan Purwana.

    The power of the average electricity supply in West Java as of July 2018 is 11,778 MW. While the average electricity consumption in West Java is 6,374 MW with an average reserve of 5,404 MW. Therefore, PLN Disjabar ensures that electricity supply reserves are still very adequate during the 2018 Asian Games in West Java. "PLN is ready to provide electricity regardless of the power needed by customers. International activities are no exception, such as the Asian Games, industrial estates, real estate areas, businesses and so on," added Iwan.

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