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    Guntoro Becomes the Head of West Java Korpri Again


    BANDUNG-The head of West Java Bina Marga Agency, Guntoro, was chosen again to be the head of West Java Korpri in 2016-2021 periods through Decree No. Kep/04-KU/III/2016 on March 1st, 2016.
    Guntoro was directly inducted by West Java Vice Governor, Deddy Mizwar, and the head of Korpri National Committee, Zudan Arif Fakrullah, at Kotabaru Parahyangan, West Bandung Regent, Thursday (01/03/16).
    Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar hopes the West Java Korpri can realise its function as written in Law of Civilian State Apparatus by keep implementing the mandate of Panca Prasetya of Korpri. “Korpri apparatus must be able to be the mentor and role model for the development that is expected by public and able to manage bureaucracy which is clean, competent, and able to serve public faster,” the Vice Governor stated. 
    Furthermore, the Vice Governor also wants Korpri to be able to give bureaucracy service which is more accurate, cheaper, and has more quality. “Leave the mentality of power or authority, but has to be a bureaucrat that serves wholeheartedly for the welfare of West Java people,” he said.
    “We want to be part of the better development or escape from this part,” the Vice Governor said.
    In relation with the new administrators, the Vice Governor asked West Java Korpri member to keep the code of ethics and perform the oath so they can prove to public that integrity performance of ASN has more quality and they can be proud of it. “Quicken the target achievement, work program, and be the professional and neutral ASN,” he stated.
    While the head of West Java Korpri, Guntoro stated that the challenge will face is harder. Moreover, the members of West Java Korpri now are big which is 43 thousand people. “It is very hard, moreover these Korpri members are not paid, but it is mandate. I believe with the professionalism and hard work in giving service to public, our goal will be achieved,” he claimed.
    Guntoro was chosen by acclamation through Provincial Deliberation (Musprov) 8th of West Java Korpri that was held a day before at the same place.



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