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    Len Adds Three Basoetta Trainset Skytrain To Increase Passenger Mobility


    BANDUNG - PT Len continues to develop APMS (Automatic People Mover System) urban transport or Soekarno Hatta International Airport Skytrain. After being operated since 17 September 2017, now PT Angkasa Pura 2 as the owner is adding 3 trainsets (6 cars) Skytrain again.

    Zakky Gamal Yasin, President Director of Len, said the addition was carried out to increase passenger mobilization between terminals at the airport so as not to wait long.

    "The addition of the Skytrain series is expected to help mobilize airport passengers and encourage public interest in using mass transportation," Zaki said on Friday (10/8).

    For information, PT Len Industri is the executor of procurement and work and the operation of the Skytrain in this project.

    From Wednesday to Thursday night, 6 train cars have been transported with 6 lowbed trucks from Marunda TPS and positioned using cranes to the Depo Airport Skytrain trajectory. Previously the train had arrived at the Koja Tanjung Priuk Container Terminal on August 6. Then stored at Marunda TPS after going through the stripping process. Furthermore, the Skytrain will be checked and tested by the internal team of Len and Woojin Korea, then the test will be continued by the Indonesian Ministry of transportation.

    Three trains operating now have a capacity of 176 passengers per trip. With the increase in trainset the passenger carrying capacity is estimated to reach 352 passengers in one trip. The total will total 6 trainsets, 4 trainset operates 2 trainset standby. It is planned that the Skytrain route will also be extended to Terminal 4 in the Soewarna Golf area which is currently under construction.

    Skytrain itself is a mode of unmanned transportation using the first guideway transit system in Indonesia developed by Len. The synergy between SOEs continues to exist between Len and Angkasa Pura II and is currently testing driverless Skytrain systems. The frequency of Skytrain will increase from this time along with the addition of headway which was originally 13 minutes cut to 6 minutes and a dwell time of 1 minute.

    As is known until now the Soekarno Hatta International Airport has 3 trainsets that operate dual tracks (Track A and Track B) with a track length of 3.07km. The current Skytrain operation is still manual with the driver with a maximum speed of 30km per hour. (jo)

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