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    Governor of BI Chosen as Chairperson of the Indonesian Economic Scholars Association (ISEI) Center


    BANDUNG - The 20th Indonesian Economic Scholars Association (ISEI) Congress took place at Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung, deciding the Governor of BI Perry Warjiyo was the head of ISEI in 2018-2021.

    A number of work plans in the Congress have been agreed and become the work agenda of ISEI and the new board. The main concern is the effort to improve the economy with synergy between informal and formal business groups.

    "Access and opportunities must be given to the informal sector to obtain financing source facilities, educational facilities and skills, and facilities to collaborate with the formal sector including in terms of digital economy (e-commerce)," he explained, Friday (10/8).

    According to him, the main obstacles to domestic trade policies, including the informal sector are regulation, infrastructure, land, business licensing, taxation, and human resource development.

    The solution carried out by the Ministry of Trade is the simultaneous arrangement of SIUP and Company Registration (TDP), elimination of re-registration of the Company's Business Permit (SIUP), simplification of the making of TDP, and electronic services (SIPO).

    Other efforts to increase domestic trade are the revitalization of traditional markets (physical and human resources), providing e-commerce markets, electronic trade regulations (PP) and preparing a domestic trade roadmap.

    "Micro and small businesses must be given space to grow faster, especially by strengthening the market through increasing the number and quality of human resources that are able to implement information technology widely, support strong capital and institutional factors so as to increase the overall productivity of the economy," he said. (jo)

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