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    The Provincial Government Prepares to Welcome the Asian Games Torch


    BANDUNG-A number of people from the West Java Disparbud line, Disorda Jabar and the Bandung City Government are coordinating plans to welcome the 2018 Asian Games Torch Relay parade which will arrive in Bandung on 11 August. Briefings and coordination were carried out on the Diponegoro road in front of the Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (08/09/2018).

    "Yes, we are ensuring the arrival time of the Asian Games fire, the procession  then the steps taken during the Asian Games fire are in West Java," said Iwan Darmawan (Idar), the technical person in charge of Torch Relay from West Java Disparbud.

    According to Idar, in the scenario or rundown we received, the Asian Games fire will arrive at Gedung Sate at around 1:00 p.m.

    "The fire will come through the Pasteur toll gate, then drive around in Bandung, stop at the Pendopo, then after that come to Gedung Sate and then be put in Gedung Sate all night," Idar said.

    According to Idar, the community around the city of Bandung is expected to participate by welcoming along the road. The Asian Games fire after being placed in Gedung Sate then departed to Garut tomorrow, then to Cianjur, Bogor and finally handed over to President Jokowi in Jakarta. (Even)

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