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    The West Java Regional Police Chief Opened the Formation Education of the National Police


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY- West Java Regional Police Chief, Inspector General Pol. Agung Budi Maryoto, opened the Education and Formation of National Police 2018 at the State Police School (SPN) of Cisarua, West Java Regional Police, Cisarua, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, which was also carried out simultaneously in all SPN in Indonesia.

    At the ceremony, the West Java Regional Police Chief read out the mandate of the Chief of Police and pinned a student epitaph to representatives of Bintara students indicating that prospective students were officially appointed as Bintara Polri students and would be educated for 7 (seven) months at the SPN of West Java Regional Police before being appointed as Bintara Polri .

    The police chief said, the students would be provided with various basic knowledge of the police, as well as various types of superior police skills.

    "In formation education will also be accompanied by a variety of physical training in order to have excellent physical quality and a good mental personality," he said.

    Agung also asked the trainers and educators as well as the leaders of the West Java Regional Police, to educate, train, guide and foster the best candidates for the National Police as a form of full attention to the success of the students.

    "Remember that our success in creating quality cadres of National Police personnel will have a major influence on the existence and performance of the Police in the future," said Agung, before hundreds of students from the National Police in Cisarua Lembang SPN, Wednesday (08/08). (Parno)

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