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    The Lombok Earthquake Does Not Impact the Activities of Mount Agung


    BANDUNG - Earthquake incident in Lombok West Nusa Tenggara have no effect on the activities of Mount Agung. The Head of the Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation (PVMBG), Kasbani said the officers had followed developments at any time so that the lombok earthquake had no effect on the activities of Mount Agung.

    "Until now there has been no increase in activities at Gunung Agung," he told reporters in Bandung, Monday (6/8).

    In addition, Mount Rinjani did not show its activity after the earthquake because it was still covered by aftershocks. However, it will continue to monitor at any time.

    Kasbani revealed, from the results of monitoring in the field, this earthquake had caused landslides in East Lombok and North Lombok. Previously on July 29, 2018 there was also a landslide, especially on the hiking trail at the top of Mount Rinjani.

    "We must increase awareness regarding the occurrence of the earthquake itself because it caused the houses to crack and even collapse," he said

    The potential for landslides, especially in climbing paths, has cracks with the occurrence of the earthquake, there will be potential for subsequent landslides. Especially during the rainy season, these cracks will fill with water which will cause subsequent landslides.

    Kasbani also appealed to the public not to climb on landslide-prone routes until they got information that was supplemented by data from the results of research from BMKG officers. However, it is hoped that the community will remain calm and follow the directions of the local government by following various correct information.

    In addition, residents must also be aware of the occurrence of aftershocks. He requested that residents not stay in it, so that things that were not desirable did not happen.

    "Surely the community must remain vigilant because this earthquake will be followed by aftershocks even though the vibration is smaller," he concluded. Jo

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