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    Daily Implementer Governor Opens the Appropriate Technology Exhibition in Cipeundeuy


    West Bandung Regency-Daily Implementer Governor M. Iriawan opened a simple applied technology exhibition at the West Java Province level in Cipeundeuy, West Bandung Regency, Wednesday (08/08/2018).

    "This exhibition is quite good, the exhibition is quite large. I think the exhibition can be displayed at the national level because I see the innovation from the people of city and regency are different and quite applicable," he said.

    Iriawan appreciates the effort to implement and create simple technology and quite useful from the people in that area.

    "So the first thing I appreciate is the innovation and the creativity from them. Various activities that I have discovered and obviously we must support for how it can develop, not only at the national or regional level but internationally," he said.

    Iriawan pointed out that there is waste from used car parts that can be sent abroad, but still cannot meet the demand. With the use of appropriate technology, it can now produce up to 1 container in a month to meet existing demand.

    "The government must participate, in this case the city and provincial districts will encourage, so that later if large market requests can still be sent," said Iriawan. The form of support from the government according to Iriawan can vary.

    "First, there were trainings, which we returned to the city districts where there were venues. We have friends, Mr. Amin, he was unable to meet the larger market demand, the material was plenty but the human resources were lacking, we could encourage HR training. also the certification, then the ease of export and so on, "concluded Iriawan. (Even)

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