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    Iriawan is Optimistic That Rancabuaya Fish Landing Base is Able to Increase Fishing Catches


    GARUT - Fish Landing Base (PPI) in the Rancabuaya beach area which is currently under construction is believed to be increasing fish catches of fishermen from 2 tons to 5 tons per day. The optimism was raised by the Daily Implementer of West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan after he reviewed the progress of the construction of the PPI located in Purbayani Village, Caringin Garut District, located east of the Rancabuaya beach on Friday (08/03/18).

    "We are building a fishing port but gradually, now the remaining budget is Rp. 3 billion, will be followed up next year. This is for the welfare of fishermen because the fish catch will increase later," said Iriawan.

    Overall the budget reaches Rp. 42 billion of which development includes dredging of port pools, dock construction, coastal reclamation and the construction of a breakwater in the south.

    The fishery potential in Rancabuaya is very large because the south coast is famous for its marine wealth. But on this south coast there are also frequent high waves, like what is happening now. As a result, many fishermen are reluctant to go to sea even though the months of August to October are entering the fish harvest season. The number of fishermen in Rancabuaya currently amounts to 439 people, this does not include traditional fishermen who total 700 people.

    "I think the growth here will be rapid because of its tremendous potential, later it will be like in Pangandaran especially if the PPI is finished," said Iriawan.

    In the review, Iriawan also had a dialogue with fishermen and businesses in the Rancabuaya Ciliab Fish Auction Place while buying a number of typical fish such as layur fish, ox eyes, jambal and tuna. Fish caught by Rancabuaya fishermen are widely distributed to big cities like Jakarta and Bandung. Iriawan also ensured, after having a dialogue with business actors so far there were no problems in the distribution of fish.

    "Yes, I want to see the situation, facilities and what we can do to improve the community here," he said.

    Improve Supervision, Kepokmaswas Rancabuaya Beach Equipped with Sophisticated Tools

    During his visit to the Rancabuaya beach, Iriawan handed over assistance in the form of communication equipment, GPS, cameras and life jackets to the two Supervisory Community Group (Kepokmaswas). This is to improve coastal surveillance of beach and coral reef destruction, also fishing that is not environmentally friendly.

    Iriawan advised, if they find the violation, Kepokmaswas have to immediately report it to the authorities.

    "Earlier we gave GPS, Camera, HT, life jackets whose duty is to monitor if there are violations such as catching fish using nets, bombs, portas and damaging coral reefs, we hope they will monitor the maximum happening around this beach," he explained.

    Iriawan said, even though it cannot be used for swimming, the rancabuaya beach has great beauty and other potential to be developed. For this reason, he will seek to attract investors to invest.

    "The hills are very good and can be tourism potential, I will try to offer them to investors. There are also like in Bali and Lombok where the beaches cannot be used to swim but around them are villas or hotels, what's the difference with Rancabuaya, the beauty is the same. Later on, it can be equipped with a helipad too, "he said.

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