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    PLN Alerts the 2018 Asian Games Venue in West Java


    BOGOR - Strengthens electricity supply preparation ahead of 2018 Asian Games, PLN Distribution of West Java carries out the Electricity Supply Readiness Ceremony and Officers on Tuesday (7/8) at Pakansari Stadium, Bogor.

    Present on the occasion, Head of the Regional Java Regional Operations Division Tengah Purnomo, PLN Distribution Manager for West Java Distribution Agus Kuswardoyo and PLN technical service officers who will alert electricity supply
    during the 2018 Asian Games weekends.

    To support the smooth running of the upcoming Asian Games in West Java, PLN West Java Distribution prepared 395 personnel who were on standby since 8 August 2018-2 September 2018. Furthermore, to prepare facilities and infrastructure supporters, PLN allocates an investment budget of Rp. 41.55 billion and the operational budget of Rp 1.04 billion. The investment budget is used to increase the reliability of the electricity supply system, namely by procurement of UPS at the Stadium venue with a total capacity of 1880 kVA, installation of UGB for each venue as many as 11 UGB, procurement & installation of generators with a total capacity of 1140 kVA, JTR withdrawals, etc. While the operational budget will be used to procure 20 standby stations, vehicles, crisis centres and other facilities.

    PLN Distribution Manager West Java Distribution Agus Kuswardoyo conveyed PLN really pay attention to the critical points of each venue, because of every venue have different technical characteristics.

    "But the point is that we have all evaluated and are in a prime position for "meet the electricity needs in the implementation of each match," he said.

    As a corporation, PLN is very committed to the success of Asian implementation 2018 Games by providing reliable electricity supply. We already coordinate both internally and with external parties. In essence, PLN is very ready to be an important part of the history of organizing the 2018 Asian Games, "said Purnomo as the Central Java Regional IVIV PT PLN (Persero).

    The number of 2018 Asian Games matches held in West Java consisted of 5 sports with a total venue of 10 venues and 16 lodging locations (hotels) spread across 9 areas. The venue in question among others; Wibawa Mukti Stadium Bekasi (Sepakbola), Pakansari Stadium Bogor (Football), Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium (Soccer), KBB-PWK-SUB-KBB Highway (Road Race Bike), Sumedang Range Dam (Kayak / Canoe), Si Jalak Harupat Stadium Bandung District (Football), Gunung Mas ( Paragliding), Pasir Umbul (Paragliding) and Khe Bun Hill (Mountain Bike). Jo

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