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    Venue Ready, 130 Athletes Will Follow Paragliding Sports 2018 Asian Games


    CIANJUR Regency-As many as 130 male / female athletes from 19 Asian countries will participate in the Paragliding 2018 Asian Games. The venue of the Take Off I located at Telkom's Sumbul Sand Repeater Station in Puncak, Cianjur Regency is ready to hold a match.

    The Daily Implementer of West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan had the opportunity to directly review the venue, Tuesday morning (7/8/18). Iriawan said that the entire Paragliding sports venue was ready to hold a match to be held on 20-29 August 2018.

    "Today we check Paragliding venues or Paragliding venues. Where the results of my monitoring as a whole are ready to be used later," said Iriawan after reviewing the venue.

    Furthermore, Iriawan said that there were indeed facilities that needed to be completed within the next five days. However, it is only supported facilities, not for athletes.

    "Five days later I will ask for a report on the facilities below which athletes do not need, but for other preparations that can be used immediately," he said.

    Iriawan added, according to the recognition of Paragliding athletes, the venue at Pasir Sumbul was the best spot because it was supported by natural scenery and cool air.

    "Overall we have seen that this is the best spot according to the information from the athletes. I hope it can
    maximize the gold medal obtained by our athletes," he hoped.

    "Here (the Paragliding Peak venue) is better. It's cool," said Ike Wulandari (21), a national athlete Paragliding originated from East Java when Iriawan met at the venue of the Paragliding Take Off II venue at Bukit Gantolle, Puncak, Bogor Regency.

    After reviewing the Paragliding venue in Pasir Sumbul, accompanied by Bogor Regent Nurhayanti, Iriawan also reviewed the Paragliding venue where Take Off II was on the Hill Gantolle or also known as Bukit 250, Landing location, and saw the preparation of Paragliding athletes from Indonesia.

    Road access to Take Off Location II has been concreted, it is seen that some workers are completing the construction of supporting facilities such as parking lots which is being expanded.

    While at the Landing location, preparations for the match have been carried out. Seen the flags of the 2018 Asian Games participants were installed and centred installation of tents for participants and official matches.

    There are also some workers who are beautifying the park in the access road of the Landing location. Another thing related to access to the Paragliding venue at the Telkom Pasir Sumbul Repeater Station, Cianjur Regency, Iriawan explained that his party along with the committee from Inasgoc would work together to provide transportation to the venue. Because only certain vehicles such as ambulances and vehicles of athletes can reach the Paragliding location of Pasir Sumbul.

    "It will be arranged because only certain ambulances and cars can go up. We will prepare it for vehicles or transportation. He (the athlete) gets to this place. I think it has been prepared by the committee from Inasgoc or the Asian Games," explained Iriawan.

    Meanwhile, met at the location of the Pasir Sumbul venue, the Paragliding Indonesia National Team Coach Gendon Subandono said, the Paragliding Games of the 2018 Asian Games will compete in two categories,
    namely Crossing and Accuracy. There are eight Indonesian athletes who will compete in sports that compete for six gold medals.

    "For Indonesian athletes who will compete in the meantime there are five sons and three daughters for Nature and Accuracy," said Gendon.

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