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    Realization of the Residence Program for Unworthy Houses (Rutilahu) West Java Reaches 178,500 Units


    SUKABUMI DISTRICT - Realization of Unworthy Home Improvement (Rutilahu) throughout West Java to date has reached 178,500 units. This exceeded the target set by the West Java Provincial Government of 100,000 units.

    One area that received assistance from the Rutilahu program is Cimaja Village,
    Cikakak District, Sukabumi District. In the village, as many as 18 houses have been repaired by the program whose funds are sourced from the government budget and CSR.

    One of the villagers in Cimaja, Dudum, said he was happy, his house had been
    he lived for years with his wife and 3 children, it was now worth it to live in.

    "I am happy to have been assisted by Rutilahu," said Dudum, who sells daily
    the ice. Previously, the inauguration of the improvement of Rutilahu in the village of Cimaja was carried out by the Daily Implementer of West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan on the sidelines of the visit work to the South West Java region on Wednesday (08/01/2018). Iriawan said the program Rutilahu will continue to be improved every year as an effort reduce poverty.

    "What is clear is that we need to increase aid again because there are still people living below the poverty line. Just now there was one house to three families, a kitchen, a bathroom, all there," said Iriawan.

    After the inauguration, Iriawan was accompanied by the Deputy Regent of Sukabumi and related officials
    conduct meetings and discussions with Cimaja residents in the village office hall.

    The meeting was used by citizens to express their aspirations and complaints
    direct which includes health insurance programs. In response, Iriawan ordered the relevant officials to respond immediately and fulfil the wishes of citizens.

    "I have directed it and so that it can be directly followed up by the relevant officials every citizen complaint," said Iriawan.

    At the end of the meeting, Iriawan handed over rice assistance to the residents of Cimaja it is inhabited by 1700 majority of households whose livelihoods are fishermen and farmer. 

    During his working visit to South West Java, Iriawan visited a number of the areas on the south coast are in the areas of Sukabumi, Cianjur and Garut. His routine visit was done to see that there was still an imbalance between the northern and southern regions. Even so, in terms of infrastructure, the South West Java region is now better. As seen from the smoothness of the 406 Km road that stretches from Pangandaran to Cibareno. Advantages that are owned in the southern region of West Java is the potential of tourism and fertile nature.

    "After this, we will have a technical meeting with the OPD related to what we found during this visit," concluded Iriawan.

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