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    Provincial Government Anticipates Forest Fire During Asian Games


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government through the Forestry Service has anticipated forest fires during the dry season and ahead of the 2018 Asian Games.

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said it had anticipated and was cautious because forest fires during the dry season could have happened in West Java.

    "As well as anticipating the Asian Games, don't let forest fires eventually disturb the match due to smoke," he said in Bandung, Monday (08/06/2018).

    According to him based on the Circular of the Directorate General of Lestasi Production Forest Management of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Number SE13 / PHPL / UHP / HPL.1 / 2018 dated May 28, 2018, the West Java Forestry Service has issued a circular letter to all forestry managers and stakeholders in West Java.

    The letter was sent to the West Java Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), the manager of the Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, the Head of the Halimun Salak Mountain National Park, the Head of the Ciremai National Park Office, and the West Java Regional Office of Perhutani.

    "In addition to the entire Forestry Service in the district," he explained.

    The Secretary said all stakeholders in the area were asked to increase awareness and preparedness of all forest and land security elements related to forest and land fire control.

    "The form is by carrying out training, simulations and forest fire control," he said.

    All parties were also asked to improve coordination, synchronization and synergy in controlling forest and land fires with related agencies such as the TNI, BPBD, police and community groups.

    "We also ask actively to monitor hotspots through Sipongi's website and daily weather as well as information on fire hazard rating systems in collaboration with BMKG," he said.

    Iwa himself hopes with high vigilance, even though currently the dry season, cases of forest and land fires in West Java do not happen. "We also ask the public to jointly maintain and be aware of these conditions," he said. (Pun)

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