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    West Java KKPS Will Apply Information System-Based Loan Services


    BANDUNG - Prosperous Praja Consumer Cooperative (KKPS) or cooperative owned by the PNS of the West Java Provincial Government will implement an information system-based loan application. Later ON, members of the cooperative do not need to come to the cooperative directly if they want to get loan services from the KKPS.

    It was said by the Chairperson of the KKPS who was also the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa, in the Morning Ceremony with the employees in the Regional Secretariat of West Java Province on the front of Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung City, Monday morning (6/8/18).

    "Our cooperatives have now increased significantly. And now we want to build an information system for example the Pameungpeuk people don't need to come to the cooperative, if they want to borrow applications," Iwa said in his address at the apple.

    In addition, continued Iwa, financial reports that will be presented are real time or can be known at any time by members of the cooperative. "And you may know enough about each member of the cooperative, how many deposits and so will the SHU (Remaining Business Results) not be taken, then transferred to the account concerned, so that none of the penny is corrupted. That's how we thought and every expense I will keep it," he said.

    While related to the ownership of the PNS of the West Java Provincial Government in BIJB Kertajati through this KKPS, according to Iwa members of the KKPS will benefit through SHU.

    "And after we become shareholders in BIJB. Why do we become shareholders in BIJB? Because within the next three years, BIJB will profit and if profit will come back into our SHU, and SHU will go to you, ladies and gentlemen," said Iwa.

    Iwa stressed that there are three things that cause cooperatives in West Java to be poorly developed. "First, the lack of trust in the management. Second, the lack of professional management, the third is the narrowness of the market," Iwa said.

    "So I convey to the management to give me two or three years, this (KKPS) will be the best in Indonesia," he concluded.

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