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    PLN Alerts 7.0 SR Earthquake in Lombok


    BANDUNG - PLN anticipates possible disruptions to electricity in connection with an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale that attack the NTB region, Bali and surrounding areas at 19:46 WITA (Sunday, 5/08).

    PLN informed the Lombok system that supplied the city of Mataram and its surroundings until Monday morning, most of it was still extinguished. When the earthquake occurred, some of the areas that were supplied by the Lombok System were still lit with a 50 MW load from the normal system load of 220 MW.

    As for the other two electrical systems in NTB, the Sumbawa and Bima electrical systems are mostly lit and safe, although there are a few small areas that are still extinguished.

    From the release of PLN Public Relations, it was stated that to restore electricity supply in earthquake affected areas, especially in East Lombok and North Lombok, PLN quickly conducted an inventory of asset conditions in all plant locations. Electricity recovery in the area goes out gradually according to the Standard Operating Procedure

    Then PLN anticipate aftershocks, coordinate with other PLN units such as Bali and East Java for assistance to personnel, equipment and materials.

    "PLN appealed to the public and employees of PLN, subsidiaries and business partners to keep calm, alert and follow directions and information from the local government and local BPBD and are expected not to be provoked by irresponsible issues regarding earthquakes and tsunamis," said I Made Suprateka, Head of PLN's Central Corporate Communication Unit, Monday (6/8). (Jo)

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