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    Foster Village of the West Java National Bank Association (Perbanas) Provides Catfish Cultivation Training in Cicalengka


    BANDUNG REGENCY - The Foster Village Program launched by the West Java National Bank Association (Perbanas) was held at Cikahuripan Village, Nagrog Village, Cicalengka District, Bandung Regency. The "Catfish Cultivation" program is a training program given by West Java Perbanas this year.

    The catfish farming program starts with the socialization and training of community organization management (MON) by lecturers and students from Widyatama University. In addition, there are also 
    marketing and product publication training through websites and social media to the residents of Kampung Cikahuripan, Nagrog Village.

    Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa, who was present at this opportunity welcomed the catfish cultivation development program. Moreover, catfish become a food commodity with less availability in West Java. "Catfish based on information are still imported from Central Java. West Java still lacks," Iwa said in his address. 

    For this reason, Iwa asked residents to be serious and focus on developing this business opportunity. Hard work and cooperation of the villagers is important, considering this guidance is only as a form of facilitation.  "I want to see the village's desire itself through the community. We, from the government, including Perbanas, only facilitate
    . The continuation is up to you, Bapak and Ibu, "Iwa hoped.

    "Therefore, I request this to be painstaking. Every business doesn't work, but it needs patience, perseverance, togetherness, and God willing the market will be helped. But we are more hooked. 

    We must not be spoiled, the most important thing is to work hard and work together. This is the most important thing. Because if we want to be always assisted it will certainly fail," he said.

    Through this program, Chairman of West Java Perbanas Rudy Kurniawan hopes to be able to provide benefits and open new jobs for villagers. In addition, residents can also get knowledge about marketing and products. "Hopefully the implementation of the Nagrog Foster Village, Cicalengka, Bandung regency program can provide positive benefits for Nagrog villagers in cultivating catfish and providing new 
    livelihoods," Rudy said at the inauguration of the "Foster Cultivation" 
    Village National Foster Village program. (Perbanas) West Java in 2018 in 
    Cikahuripan Village, Nagrog Village, District Cicalengka, Bandung Regency, Saturday (4/8/18).

    "In addition, it can increase the income of Nagrog Village residents, and can provide knowledge to Nagrog Village residents in marketing products and processing catfish into products that can compete in the market both in general and globally," he continued.

    Cicalengka sub-district head Entang Kurnia welcomed this coaching program. He hopes that this program can directly touch disadvantaged people in Cicalengka. Entang said, in Nagrog Village there were still poor people who were entitled to cash aid but had not yet received it.

    "We hope that this community empowerment program will help families who need assistance in terms of the economy," Entang said.
    "This (catfish cultivation) helps to empower the economically disadvantaged people," he added.

    Entang admitted in Cicalengka sub-district which had 12 villages with a 
    population of 129,300 people, the economy became one of the problems. He also requested that coaching assistance not only catfish cultivation but also other fields such as food cultivation and SME development. It is expected that the same program can also be given to people in other villages.

    "Please not only in this village and not only the development of catfish 
    cultivation, but later food cultivation, SMEs as well," he added.

    The 2018 Foster Village Program which starts on 1-4 Agenda 2018 is a coaching provided by West Java Perbanas to the village community. The aim is to improve the quality of human resources in rural communities, especially in the fields of education, health, and economics.

    This is expected to create community welfare and independence, open business opportunities and create new jobs for the local community, as well as contribute to improving Indonesia's national economy. There are also other activities in the field of education, such as MTQ 
    competitions and in the field of sports soccer and volleyball friendly matches for residents of Nagrog Village.

    Iwa said the village was the basis for reducing poverty, unemployment, and reducing the gap between cities and villages. "This (coaching through the Foster Village) is important in order to reduce urbanization and how to improve so that young people feel at home in the village," concluded Iwa.

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