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    West Java Provincial Government Facilitates Fishermen to sail in Maluku


    CIANJUR - The Provincial Government (Provincial Government) of West Java will facilitate West Java fishermen to be able to go to sea in the waters of Maluku.

    Daily Implementer of West Java Governor, Mochamad Iriawan said it would immediately coordinate with the Maluku Provincial Government. This is done in order to be able to improve the economic level of West Java fishermen who are still minimal.

    "Later, fishermen in West Java are offered to go to the sea in Maluku within a certain period of time until they have economic capital back to their origin," Iriawan said when meeting fishermen at Cidaun 1 Vocational School, Cianjur Regency, Thursday night (08/02/2018)

    He claimed that currently fishermen in Maluku Province could achieve an average income of Rp. 12-15 million. While West Java fishermen only earn around Rp. 2 million every month.

    "Therefore, we will bring the fishermen there so that they can improve their welfare. This is a kind of transmigration but is temporary, if it is enough for capital, he can return," he explained.

    Iwan, nick name of The Daily Implementer of West Java Governor, added that his party was still in the stage of exploring communication with the Maluku Provincial Government to realize the wishes of fishermen.

    In addition, the West Java Provincial Government also tried to send a number of Cianjur Marine School students, namely SMK 1 Cidaun to help sea. The reason is, in Maluku, it is rich in abundant fish, but lacks Human Resources (HR).

    "We combine the students here, because there also need human resources. There are many fish but there are less human resources," he concluded. (Even)

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