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    The Need for Graduates of Marine Vocational Schools is still High


    CIANJUR - Daily Implementer of West Java Governor Mochammad Iriawan said students graduating from SMK 1 Cidaun no need to worry when looking for work. Because, not many people who have expertise, especially marine field. Plus the private companies and the government still requires a lot of human resources in marine field.

    "They can work immediately because their vocational mastery has been mastered," Iriawan said when he visited SMK 1 Cidaun, Cianjur Regency, Thursday night (08/02/2018).

    This activity is one of a series of review programs to the South of West Java, to see and hear directly the complaints of the public.

    Iriawan assessed that the Cidaun 1 Vocational High School with its marine vocational focus is sufficient enough to prepare students in the marine field.

    "I think this school is good enough, in learning, they are also quite mastered. There is the practice of making food from processed fish, then administration and other things," he said.

    For this reason, continued Iriawan, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) will try to facilitate the training and certification of marine fields for students. The reason is that all this time they have followed marine certification practices in Bali Province which need a large costs and long distances.

    This marine school became one of the leading SMKN in West Java. Schools based on this region's potential, since its establishment in 2003 have now graduated 12 batches. Ministry of Education and Culture RI in 2015 and even has set it as a reference school.

    SMK 1 Cidaun itself has five departments, namely Fishing Boat Nautics, Agricultural Product Processing Technology, Fisheries Agribusiness, Office Administration, also Computer and Network Technology.

    In addition, it will immediately review with the relevant agencies so that they can immediately realize the wishes of the students of Cidaun 1 Vocational High School.

    "Regarding training facilities, where they are usually given training in the Benoa Bay area of ??Bali, but they want to be facilitated here, because if you go to Benoa, the cost is high and the time is not efficient," he said.

    In addition to the Cidaun 1 Vocational School, he also plans to review other marine schools in West Java, one of which is at SMK 1 Mundu, Cirebon City. "There is also in Cirebon, I will see also some of the marine vocational schools where we can help to improve our skills," he concluded. (Pun)

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